Power VS Force: David Hawkins

Power vs Force

Rating – 9/10


Read if: You have an innate calling for more in life. You appreciate the link between consciousness, science and spirituality. 

Don’t Read if: You are a closed book. This will shake your belief systems to their core.


This book is a game changer but you have to be ready to receive the wisdom that pours out of it. Otherwise I could imagine it being quite difficult to comprehend.

Dr David Hawkins was an internationally renowned psychiatrist, consciousness researcher and spiritual lecturer who passed away in September, 2012. Having a very scientific background he provides the illusive missing link between science and spirituality. Through the use of kinesiology (Muscle testing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinesiology, Dr Hawkins produced a scale of consciousness from 0-1000 and used this to determine levels of human consciousness and their effects on reality. He also calibrates various ideologies around the planet and their effect on the collective consciousness.

The title is used as a metaphor. Power being in flow with life and its universal principals, and force being us, as humans, attempting to force reality into our way of seeing the world. Coincidently ‘force’ is the lower end of the scale and ‘power’ the upper.

The book goes deeply into each level of consciousness and encourages people to look into their versions of reality and become better versions of themselves by showing people how to transcend their limitations.

This book is truly a gift to mankind and we should be incredibly grateful of Dr Hawkins work. 


Dr Hawkins uses the word God throughout the book. If this puts you off then you are missing the point. In your mind change the word to ‘Al that is’ and you will get over it.