Overcoming Political Correctness

political correctness


Why is it that we can no longer express ourselves without fear of being called names by people that disagree? How have we ended up being so weak as a society that people get ‘cancelled’ for saying something that doesn’t fit a narrative?

Businesses and livelihoods get destroyed if we don’t follow the ideals that the crowd set out for us. Not only is it completely immoral, but it is also disastrous for civilisation.  


Where does ‘Political Correctness’ originate?

An argument can be made that political correctness stems from substandard parenting. Suppose Humans are raised inadequately through their early developmental stages without empathy and healthy boundaries. Where do they externally seek these things to give them a sense of wholeness? 

(With respect, 99%+ of parents unload their unconscious garbage onto their children which hinders growth and often creates a ticking time bomb full of repressed hatred.)

Political correctness seems to be the manifested realty of this lack of empathy (in its real sense of the word) and lack of boundaries. Although the politically correct brigade may think they are being empathetic towards the people they are trying to protect by ‘cancelling’, paradoxically they are incredibly apathetic. They have no interest in any other Soul’s well-being other than their own venomous ideology, born from parents’ ineptitude. 

And now we have a real epidemic – a politically (in)correct one. 


How do we overcome the epidemic of ‘political correctness’?

1) Be aware of the crowd, and it’s subtle ways of infiltrating naive consciousness. Ideologies that gain energy and traction amongst the masses is generally of a low level of consciousness. Be able to discern between Truth and falsehood; this will happen the more introspection and self-development work you do. 

2) Realise we are living in a hyper feminised society. You’ll hear ‘patriarchy’ and ‘toxic masculinity’ thrown around all the time – standard and typical noise from the crowd. Alpha males are now few and far between having been wiped out over a couple of generations. The reality is that we are living in an overly feminised society, not a masculine one. And so we have distorted boundaries (masculine aspect) and a lack of leadership

3) Have no fear of judgement from others. Call out nonsense and take the inevitable backlash like a pro. You’ll be surprised that many people agree with you but don’t have the courage to express themselves.