A Summary of Michael Tsarion’s Article – ‘In Words We Trust’

in words we trust

In Words We Trust

A extended summary of an article written by Michael Tsarion called ‘In Words We Trust.






In Words We Trust 


  • Intro
    • This video is going to be a summary of Michael Tsarions article called ‘In Words We Trust’. In my opinion, Tsarion is a researcher and teacher of the highest calibre. If you have listened to him speak, you will know the power and integrity in what he is saying. I respect anybody who dedicates their life to understanding reality at the deepest possible levels. If you have had that itch for the seeking of something deeper and more meaningful than every day existence, then you will know that scratching that itch is a lifetime of dedication to wisdom and truth.
    • I’ve noticed that there isn’t much on YouTube or anywhere else sharing Tsarion’s work other than a few podcast interviews and obviously Unslaved which is a subscription website, so I hope the videos I put together discussing his articles do his work justice.
    • ‘In words we trust’ is an article about language, speech and communication.
    • Innate Need for Communication
      • Tsarion starts out by pointing out the innate Human need for connection and communication. An example is shared of monks tapping their feet to communicate rather than talking… so much for that Godly vow haha!
    • Power of Silence
      • Although, there may be something more to vows of silence, with Martin Heidegger believing that silence was real speech. It can be observed by anybody that the more someone speaks, generally, the less self-aware he is. There is a well known maxim that implies that if you can’t improve on the silence then keep quiet.
    • Origin of Language
      • Of course, our modern language is a development of other ancient languages, Tsarion uses Sanskrit and Urdu as examples. Owen Barfield believed that our languages origin was bird song.
      • A Quote from the article – “The shape of the letter “A,” for example, replicates the peak of a mountain on which the gods supposedly reside. The letter “O” is based on the shape of the lips when this letter’s sound is pronounced. The shape and sound of the letter “S” is based on the shape, movement and hiss of snakes. The letter “U” represents the womb and holy receptacle. The letter “M” is based on the movement of water. “Z” is the lightning flash. Apparently our language is something created for us not by us. What we know as language is Nature speaking to herself through us. It’s an intriguing thought.” – what if our ancestors used nature to mould the alphabet as non-linear symbols, rather than the linear, and rigid language we use today? As I’ve spoken about in podcast episodes and something that aligns with Tsarions work, maybe the rigidity in modern language is another manifestation of our disassociation with nature and the universe.
    • Dangers of Words
      • Hitler, Mussolini, Castro are used as examples where words have been used to manipulate the crowd for nefarious ends. It highlights the influence that language can have on the unintelligent crowd. How often have you been led down the garden path to a dead end? When people are willing to fight for a cause, words from a good speaker can influence these people beyond a level of Human morality.
      • “There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic” – Diane Setterfield
    • Comfort of words
      • And on the other side of the coin, we have the comfort of words. If you have a healthy relationship with your Mother, you’ll know that her unique voice to you can soothe and comfort you in times of distress.
      • If you’ve ever been in the presence of an illuminated Soul, you’ll know how their words can change your state. An impeccable use of language can change the life a person in an instant. Which leads me onto a quote by C.S Lewis. – “The difference between God and Satan is that the latter tempts while the former woos”
    • Falling into the dark world of word magicians
      • “There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic” – Diane Setterfield
      • The world is full of word magicians. Look what is happening right now playing out on the world stage. ‘Experts’ using technical language to satisfy the humans need for certainty. It may have occurred to a lot of you by now, that these so called experts don’t really know what they’re talking about.
      • What we have to realise is that words are not reality. Words can be spoken which can influence the mind, but life itself is manifested reality. The word is not the thing itself, in the same way that the map is not the territory.
      • Look at religion, billions of people following the word of God, not the reality of God. Hallelujah.
      • This is an enormous problem in the personal development industry. How many of them speak so shallowly and yet have huge followings. Of these types Tsarion says – “The words of these charlatans eventually deafen us to our autologue. They hypnotise and slowly goad us into practicing the techniques of self-hypnotism. None of it would be possible without the power and magical influence of words on minds. So it’s not simply about mega success, attainment, prosperity and living like a king. It’s not about confidence and thinking positively. That’s the great collective fallacy of our age. No! It’s simply about hearing someone speak about it. It’s your addiction to this that the con-men rely upon. It’s what makes them rich”
      • We like to think these self-proclaimed guru’s have the answers to our problems instead of letting life teach us. Fundamentally, this is because of a lack of sovereignty. A lack of self-esteem and therefore authentic action in the world. People would rather listen, nod and get a hit of dopamine, than interact with reality and really feel, the ups and the downs, and of what it means to be a human being.
      • We can’t forget that the ultimate guru is reality, the world all around us that we need to interact with.
      • ‘”Thinking has its place, but more often than not it insulates us from reality. Only by action do we grow to mastery. Only through trial and error do we assess our competence and weaknesses. Only by acting do we test our will and intention. Only by action do we enter into direct relationship with the world, to learn nature’s lessons and matriculate as a human being rather than as some unfulfilled passive greedy gullible feminized urbanite.” – Michael Tsarion
    • Marketing For The Unworthy
      • The marketing and personal development industries pray on something which Tsarion calls ‘existential impoverishment’. The belief that you are not whole as a human being right now, with only them being able to show you the way. Welcome to consumerism.
      • Notice the ‘help me boom’ – something an old mentor of mine told me to watch out for. Everyone is crying out for help, asking others to take away their suffering by giving them that quick fix. It reeks of low self-esteem. But this low self-esteem and lack of psychological development breeds the smooth talkers.
    • Thoughts Follow Actions
      • Intentionality is an inherent attribute of consciousness – thought follows action, not the other way around. Think about that. We think on what we do, what has been done and what remains to be done. As we lean out toward the world, it too leans toward us, the connective tissue being empathy.
    • Empathy Rapport
      • Tsarion says that empathy is often curtailed by parents and human interaction. He says… ‘Once empathy is impeded we feel a void within our being. We feel impoverished and emotionally disenchanted. Stupidly, we attempt to fill the abscess with the influence and directives of others, in the hope that doing so will reawaken empathy again. It’s a fool’s errand.’.
    • Returning To The Natural Order
      • Our external seeking and repulsion of the natural order further enslaves us to the will of others. We must return to the Natural Order to restore sovereignty and agency. Until then, we will continue to fall in the abyss of darkness and struggle to hold onto a clean psyche.
      • The article finished with the following quote… “In the end, after years of hearkening to the Wormtongues, we’re left with no self at all, just a grinning passive-aggressive obscenity thinking itself guided by God to that perfect parking space at the mall.”
    • And in closing from my perspective, we can see what Tsarion is speaking all around us today. Look at reality, it’s our greatest teacher. See how many self-help guru’s are out there pedalling quick fixes for your life. ‘Sign up for this course, and you’ll make millions in the first 6 months’. If you’re attracted to things like this, it is because your lacking in self-esteem, you have a subtle self-disdain that is running the patterns in your life.
    • Of course, this isn’t only for money and our basic need to survive, this dark art also leans into our hidden complexes. They portray that the feelings of unworthiness can only be overcome by offering us something that doesn’t already reside within – and charge a small fortune for the privilege. Make no mistake, this is nothing new. Look at mainstream religion, it’s a perfect example.
    • I am starting to put videos like this together talking about the work of some of the great minds who have influenced my life or who are at the forefront of my awareness. If you’re interested in seeking out the wisdom of such people and integrating it into your own life then hit subscribe, like, share and all that other good stuff.
    • I’m going to keep bringing as much as I can to the table to the best of my ability. It will only get better.
    • Thanks for watching.


  1. Natasha Colligan
    September 3, 2021 / 9:11 pm

    l also think Micheal Tsarion is amazing , l could listen to him speak for hours and hours. l think your video was great , thank you.

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      Alex Hickman
      October 25, 2021 / 11:50 am

      Thanks you Natasha