Orland Bishop – Words of a Mystic

orland bishop

Orland Bishop

Over the last few weeks a gentleman by the name of Orland Bishop has come into my awareness. I am always on the lookout for individuals who offer something different to what has been said before, and this guy gets me thinking several layers deep in a multitude of directions. Contemplating on his words can take hours of time, and I found taking notes in my own words challenging.

“How do I have to be, in order for you to be free?”

Orland has profound knowledge in both African and Western esoteric traditions. You can feel the wisdom within his language patterns. His day to day work consists of working with people involved in gang culture, where he has introduced pioneering developments in youth mentorship.

“The planet needs meditation…to really engage with intelligences that can utilise these higher octaves of thinking”



I suggest taking the time to listen to some of Orland’s conversations, particularly with Charles Eisenstein, which can be found here.

If you have read my Spiral Dynamics articles, Orland would be at level Turquoise. A highly evolved and conscious Human Being, having integrated all of the levels preceding it.