Contemplation 4 – What is Sovereignty?

what is sovereignty?

What is Sovereignty

The word sovereign has become more recognised in the last year, with people questioning their levels of freedom.

So what is my definition of sovereignty?

And what am I doing with Project Sovereign to make the world a better place.


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0:15 – Intro
I get asked quite often what I believe sovereignty is, being project sovereign and trying to build a community of people looking to evolve themselves and evolve consciousness, spiritually advance. The question comes up quite a bit, you know, what is project sovereign and what is sovereignty to you. So I thought I’d take a short few minutes now just evaluating what I believe they are.

0:45 – Project Sovereign
Projects Sovereign was sort of a brainchild of pain and suffering really, which is, generally what happens when you go through your own existential crisis. Otherwise known as often the worst of times a really bad time where new things are born. Phoenix, from the flame. I was a professional sportsman when till I was 22 years old, playing football in the UK. And that came to an abrupt halt. So I couldn’t do what I always did, I wasn’t who I thought I was, because that got ripped away from me.

1:28 – Personal Development
So that led me down a path of personal development, self discovery, deep inner work, spiritual work. And it takes like a linear route. I mean, it happens to quite a few people that they get into their personal development industry and you know, they start a business, leave the job, try and go on their own.

And, that’s that that’s what happened to me, you know, there’s nothing special here whatsoever. I’ve been very fortunate that one of the businesses or a couple of businesses that a setup I’ve done reasonably well, and, you know, my security and safety needs are met through through the businesses that were set up. And now that gives me the freedom to create consciousness elevating websites and content for the people without the scarcity factor that you need, you know, a huge income stream.

So I’ve got a lot to thank the, the existential crisis, as it’s labelled, to actually allow me to follow my Dharma, my life’s purpose, which is to build a community of people to create content, that will essentially evolve humanity to a much higher consciousness than what it was when I first got here. And there are thousands, if not millions, of people all across the planet that are, you know, doing the same thing. There’s nothing special, as I said. So that’s what project seven is about. And that’s how it got here.

3:16 – What is Sovereignty
Sovereignty itself, you know, it’s got different connotations depending on who you’re speaking to. But to me, sovereignty is complete liberation from the human mind and the identity that we’ve created for ourselves. And there are many different definitions of sovereignty. A lot of people would probably say, like, complete freedom, to think and do as one pleases. But the reality of existence, human existence, at least, is that most people couldn’t handle that responsibility. You would end in destruction for themselves and for the world, for the society that they were in.

So sovereignty is a lot more complex than simply, you know, freedom, which people don’t really understand that as what that actually means either. Underlying, absolutely everything that we’re doing here is the moving away from the animal instinct to survive and moving into the higher existences of a human being. When they purposely impact on reality in a positive way.

4:47 – Complete Blissfulness
You can get to a certain level of being, which I’ve touched under the influence of psychedelics and deep meditation and things like that, where Complete bliss is all that exists complete peace and bliss. There’s no separation between anything or anyone. words become colours. Linear Models are no longer linear and they’re nonlinear. Everything just makes sense. And then you come out with that state. And you might fall back into, you know, day to day existence and going back to work or whatever. So that’s what sovereignty is, to me, is that state of no mindedness of allness, non duality, and the understanding of the complete oneness of all of existence. No, no, that sounds like fluffy and everything, but until it’s actually experienced, and you know it as knowledge as understanding, not just a theory talked about by someone you’ve never met before. It’s just, you know, at that point, it’s just a theory, but what we’re doing a project sovereign here is, we want this experience for everybody who’s willing, prepared, and earned the right to experience it.

6:22 – Personal Development Industry
This is one of the problems with like the personal development industry. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got a lot of, you know, respectful way, which at the moment, but there’s very little that we could consider mainstream personal development that actually touches, goes anywhere near, real deep understanding of nature, and reality… existence. Yeah, you know, it’s good to start a business and pull yourself from the victim mentality of, you know, the world’s happening to me, moving into the world happening by me, which is a big step up. But then there’s, you know, another couple of stages after that, which is, life happens through me, life happens as me. So, take a look at my website, Project I’ve got some, well read articles on there, a lot of detail in them. And we’ve got podcasts on there. Also on YouTube, if you could follow me on YouTube, that’d be a big help. Instagram, we’ve got a private Facebook group that we’ve just set up. So that’d be good if you get in there early, because that’s gonna work that’s going to take off all being well.

7:40 – Outro
Thank you for listening. We’re going to be doing a few more these contemplations, I enjoy them. And we’ve made the decision along with the Lady to to move up to Turkey for a while, we’ve got a place out here. So if we’re gonna be locked down again, we might as well be locked down in the sun. So we’ve moved off to Turkey for a minimum of six weeks, up to Christmas, I’d imagine then we’ll move back to England for a short time. always enjoy talking to people. So drop me an email. Go through my website, you’ll find that there. We’d love to talk to you. Anything you want to talk about… the content or if you’ve got any pressing issues that you’d like to speak about. Please feel free.


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