An Explanation of Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness

Map of consciousness

An explanation with examples of ‘The Map of Consciousness’ – Dr David Hawkins’ gift to the world.



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Transcript – An Explanation of Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness

In this video, i’ll be sharing my understanding of the map of consciousness, developed by Dr David Hawkins.

Dr David Hawkins

Dr Hawkins was an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who passed on in 2012. He has probably played the biggest impact in my life in terms of spiritual evolution. His books, quite literally, shifted the entire direction of my being. So i’ll forever be indebted Dr Hawkins – I hope I do his work justice in this video.


What Is The Map Of Consciousness?

Dr Hawkins used a technique called Applied Kinesiology, otherwise known as muscle testing, to document the nonlinear, spiritual realm. The research was scientifically validated and published in Dr. Hawkins’ doctoral dissertation titled Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Calibrations of the Levels of Human Consciousness, which you can find online, and i’ll put a link in the notes below.

The map is a scale from 1-1000 although the figures are arbitrary; they’re only there to create a linear model for a non-linear reality. Something that our left brained, linear minds can grasp onto.

The scale is logarithmic, so for example, 200, does not have twice the power of 100, each number is to the tenth power. Meaning even a single figure jump on the scale is of great significance to the individual and the collective whole.

Each level of consciousness coincides with determinable human behaviours and perceptions about Life and God. For example, operating at the level of 400-500 is the level of reason. You have a thirst for knowledge which is insatiable. You don’t waste time in activities that don’t have educational value, which can be a stumbling block to further spiritual evolution. This is where we see much of the scientific community. I also think i’m between 400 and 500.

Each level represents a corresponding attractor field of varying strength that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. What a person is interested in and their life circumstances correspond with the level of consciousness that they are operating from. As an example, an individual at level 100 will see the world as something to be fearful of and their actions will correspond with that. Whereas an individual at level 600 will see the world as a loving place, and their action will be from a place love.

High consciousness societies operate differently to low consciousness societies. In higher consciousness societies crime is lower, homelessness is lower, there will be more freedom and more creative expression.


Discerning Between Truth and Falsehood

Dr David Hawkins said that the biggest flaw in the Human Being was the inability to discern between truth and falsehood. Perhaps his greatest gift to mankind was discovering the use of Applied Kinesiology, the muscle testing technique, to measure the level of consciousness of people, ideas, philosophies, places, religions… the list goes on. Essentially, once you can master applied kinesiology, you can determine how much truth something has within it.

The levels go from 0 to 1000 in the Human domain, although symbols and non-physical beings go beyond 1000. The reason Human Beings do not go past 1000 is because the Human nervous system cannot handle that level of power.

There are 17 significant levels to be aware of. I am not going to go into each level in much detail but just give a sentence or 2 about each one. Here are a number different representations of the Map of Consciousness. (It is perhaps a good idea to have the map in front of you as we walk through the relevant stages).


0-30 : Shame – Serial Killers, Jihad, Wahhabism. Jack The Ripper in the UK as an example.

30-50 : Guilt – Heinrich Himmler (leader of the SS in Nazi Germany), Adolf Hitler, Satanism and you could consider destruction overall here too.

50-75 : Apathy – Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, pedophilia and blasphemy.

75-100 : Grief – Hugo Chavez (the Venezuelan dictator from 1999-2013), homelessness, North Korea.

100-125 : Fear – Eugenics, Racism, nihilism, the attitude of ‘The end justifies the means’, addiction to criticising things (we all know people like that)

125-150 : Desire – Fascism as a concept, theory of the big bang, philosophy of Karl Marx (dialectical materialism), prostitution, passivity, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology,

150-175 : Anger – Critical theory, anti-semitism, communism, vanity, Hermann Georing (the nazi german military war leader.)

175-200 : Pride – Hollywood, Gambling, United Nations as an organisation, Atheism, Heavy metal music, the collective colleges and universities across the west, Noam Chomsky, Vladmir Putin, George Soros.

200-250 : Courage

Level 200 is the first major development of consciousness. Two hundred is the level of courage. It represents a profound shift from destructive and harmful behaviour to life-promoting and integrous lifestyles. Using kinesiology, everything below 200 makes ones body go weak (showing falsity), anything above 200 allows the body to remain strong. Currently, approximately 78% of the world’s population is below 200, meaning 22% is above this level. Because of the logarithmic nature of consciousness, one person at level 600 counterbalances 10million people below 200. In essence, enlightened beings at higher levels of consciousness stop Humanity from destroying itself.

So a few examples between 200-250 – Warren Buffet, Ancient Rome, The Internet, Elephants, Qi Gong and Free speech as a concept

250-310 : Neutrality – Ancient Greece, Hatha Yoga, Calisthenics, ancient Atlantis, socialism as a system.

310-350 : Willingness – Voltaire, capitalism, Scandinavia. Also the required level of consciousness to overcome addiction (quite important information)

350-400 : Acceptance – Forgiveness, Theosophy, Salvation army, equality, Sam Walton, Pablo Picasso

400-500 : Reason – Intellect with a dualistic logic under the assumption of a personal seperate self. Mathematics, materialist science, rationality, democracy, Rudolph Steiner, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Georg Hegel (the philosopher), JFK, R. Buckminster Fuller, Galileo, Darwin, John Locke, Thomas Sowell, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Sigmund Freud – And importantly it is also the level of the Newtonian Paradigm world view that is based on the principle of causality.

At the level of 500 we reach the level of Love, in the real sense of the world, not the worldly sense seen in Hollywood. Love in this context is a way of being in the world. According to Dr. Hawkins, the reason the level of love is so difficult to achieve is because our ego is so rooted in the physical domain as opposed to the spiritual domain, which emerges at 500. The 500s represent a difficult hurdle, as only 4% of the world’s population calibrate above this level. It denotes a shift from the linear, provable domain (as mentioned before, the newtonian paradigm) to the nonlinear, formless, spiritual realm. Of course, people operating below this level of consciousness see people above this level as mystical and perhaps in the clouds. But that is because they are seeing the world with a different lens, by operating at a higher level of consciousness. So at the big hurdle of 500, we see the following:

500-540 : Love – Gnosis (mystical knowledge), Kundalini yoga, Pyramids, Macchu Piccu, Lourdes (in France), the founding fathers of the US as a collective, David Bohm, Carl Gustav Jung, Helen Keller (American author and activist) and Mozart.

540-600 : Joy/Unconditional Love – At 540 we move into unconditional Love, which is another big step up and where we move into non-duality (there is no other). Devotion, Surrender, The Book of Kells, Stonehenge, White Brotherhood (spiritual community), Confucious, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Aquinas, Rumi, Jakob Boehme (German Mystic),

600-700 : Peace – Surrender to Divinity, Kinesiology as a tool for consciousness, Kabbala, Swami Vivekananda, Lao Tzu, Self as Existence, the sentiment of ‘I Am’, often used by yogi’s and guru’s from the vedanta lineage. There are also a couple of mantras which are at this level – Om Shanti Shanti Shanti (hindu mantra), Om mani padme hum (Buddhist mantra)

And then we move onto the stages of enlightenment.

700-1000 : Enlightenment – The Map of consciousness itself, Universal Rights (the right for freedom), Sufism (mystical Islam), Zen Buddhism, Hinayana buddhism, Mahayana buddhism The Zohar (jewish mystical scripture based on the Kabbalah), Bhagavad-Gita, Lamsa translation of the bible, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, Upanishads, Vedas, Om (as a name of god)…. a few people Master Eckhart, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Adi Shankaracharya, Mahatma Gandhi, Huang Po (Chinese Zen Master).

At 1000, the highest in this domain, we have… Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and statements such as ‘Consciousness is the irreducible stratum of all that exists’, ‘Life cannot be destroyed, it can only change form’ and ‘Creation and Evolution are one and the same reality’.

That is it for the walkthrough of the map of consciousness. I haven’t gone into too much depth on each level as that is something I plan on doing in the future. Dissecting each level for people to be able to integrate and transcend and hopefully become as highly conscious as karma allows.

Before we wrap up, Dr Hawkins wrote a number of books that I think I should mention.



His main trilogy:

Power Vs Force

The Eye of The I

I – Reality and Subjectivity


He has also wrote a number of other books, these are a few I had down in my office here… Transcending the levels of consciousness, Discovering the presence of god, reality/spirituality and modern man, healing and recovery. There are others as well which I don’t have to hand. I’ll put some links in the show notes.

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  1. Gwyneth Cann
    May 15, 2021 / 1:36 pm

    I think that, due to the exigencies of 3D physical incarnation, one may be required to resonate in and out of higher planes of consciousness. Also, that one may experience states of the Ineffable (the Peace that passeth all understanding) while resonating predominantly within a slightly lower consciousness.

    Your thoughts?


  2. December 13, 2021 / 1:18 pm

    Dear Alex,

    Great share, I bow to your divinity for aligning with that which is and that which never was, great work

    Be love, be still, be well always ❤️