Positioning Yourself For Global Decentralisation


What is Decentralisation?

Decentralisation as a term is usually a term attributed in the businesses and political spectrums. In that context, it means the limiting centralised power (central government) in favour of much smaller and local governments.

For the average person, decentralisation could be considered a rope of freedom in a world of slave chains—no higher authority to answer to but Self with ownership and full responsibility for your own life.

Until 10,000 years ago, Human Beings lived in small decentralised communities – and then we discovered agriculture. We have lived with a centralised system since. This comes with positives and negatives and has allowed us to scale the systems that billions utilise across the planet.

Although, 500 years ago, we began to shift back towards decentralisation, only this time with billions of people. Unlike 10,000 years ago, with people living in small communities, we are moving towards a global decentralisation of society with billions of people.


A Decentralised World

What can we expect?

1. Decentralised Communication – Communication without censorship, through the internet and cryptography (The latter to make sure it stays uncensored).

2. Decentralised Law – The choice of our law, judge, and our enforcer.

3. Decentralised Production – Anyone allowed to make products (Like 3d print things and using solar panels to get your own energy).

4. Decentralised Finance – Decentralisation over currency and legal contracting platforms.


“Andreas Antonopoulos argues that unlike centralised systems, decentralised institutions are resilient and incorruptible. ‘There is no centre, they do not afford opportunities for corruption. I think that’s a natural progression of humanity.’” (Matt Ridley, The Evolution of Everything)



Positioning Yourself

1.Do not tie yourself down to one location.

2. Do not drown yourself in bad debt. Opportunity is going to be vast in the coming few years. Be prepared for an enormous shift of wealth.

3. Invest in Cryptocurrency.

4. Educate yourself on blockchain and the future decentralised world.

5. Become anti-fragile – Learn how to thrive in chaos.