Irish Mythology

I’ve been fascinated with mythology since undertaking deeper self-development / self-inquiry work. Cultures and civilisations are grounded in the stories they live by. As an English man, the mythologies of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales captivate my imagination and illuminate my inner world.

Here, I will share my findings on Irish mythology.

Irish mythology is a rich collection of ancient tales and legends passed down through generations in Ireland. The mythology is a tapestry of folklore, gods, heroes, and mystical creatures that continues to inspire storytelling and cultural traditions in Ireland.


Click on the various figures below. I’ll be adding to the list with characters and stories over time.

Tuatha Dé Danann

The Formorians



The Children Of Lir



I have found it’s important for the individual to give meaning to the various mythology according to one’s own understanding and development. Like anything, it’s easy to read into other peoples sense-making and be lazy with your own.