How To Find Your Path

find your path

How To Find Your Path

Most would think that to find your path in life requires deep existential reflection – it requires the opposite.

As with knowledge, your life path gets revealed to you when you sincerely seek it. New directions present themselves naturally and without the need ‘to know’.


The Mind

The mind is a great tool, but it does not hold the answers to your dharma – that is beyond mind. The mind will take you in all sorts of directions with dead ends, frustrations and unfulfillment.

Using the mind as a tool for ‘finding stuff’ is that of rationality and the scientific realm – which is very important for human progression and a healthy relationship with life. It is a tool to develop and master, rather than you being used by the mind (which is tragically all too common).

Finding your path by using your conscious mind is like looking at a holiday brochure. You’d like to go to all of them, but you haven’t got the time or money, so you pick one and then wish you’d have gone elsewhere. 



The Earth realm isn’t for comfort; it’s for evolution. Imagine it as a nursery for the soul, where we must pass the test into higher levels of being. 

The worst of times provide an opportunity for tremendous growth and expansion, which usually leads to an entirely new life direction. Don’t pray for an easy life; pray for the most growth. This is how we individuate and truly enlighten. 

Plus, acceptance of suffering removes the pain it stores. Questions to ask yourself – Why shouldn’t you be suffering? Who told you that you shouldn’t suffer?

Acceptance of suffering as a natural part of the Human process is a big key to unshackling a neurotic ego’s chains. As the neurotic ego says – ‘I don’t want to feel this way’, you step back, become aware, and accept (and welcome) the pain that it brings. 

Suffering loses its pain when this becomes a natural process. 



Twelve months ago, I would never have thought I’d be creating content that I find meaningful and putting it into the world. When we got ‘locked down’, I started writing, videoing and getting more podcast guests. This has led to conversations with some incredible people and communication with people thanking me for work that has changed their life.

Just take action. Whatever feels right at the time – whether that be meditation or starting a new business that’ll take 16 hours a day—no right or wrong. Your path reveals itself through action and discernment. Science discovers things through trial and error, not by formula and data – this is the same as a life purpose. Over-analysing won’t get you there; right action will guide the way.

Remove the need ‘to know’ and let the path reveal itself to you.


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