How To Become More Understanding

become more understanding

To become more understanding is a quality of Divinity. It is to become more holistic, benign and loving (in the real sense of the word).


How To Become More Understanding

At a certain level of development, stage ‘yellow’ of the Spiral Dynamics model, for example, you become aware of the different consciousness stages up to that point. Until you get to that level of development, you are unaware of the different value systems humans progress through as they mature. 

The realisation that there are levels of development and consciousness that we transcend, organically creates a degree of understanding and compassion for the preceding stages. Awareness of the ‘lower’ levels allows one to understand ‘where someone is at’ and act accordingly. For example, if someone is very angry and regularly operating at that level of consciousness, you can be sure with the right support and effort, they can transcend that field and move into pride and courage. 


Consciousness Through Humans

Consciousness is existence itself.

What we perceive as Human behaviour is consciousness operating through a ‘physical’ vessel. With that awareness, our dislike for others actions is no longer personal – it becomes an impersonal discernment within a field of consciousness.

The removal of positionality – the judgement of external circumstances to fit ones model of the world, frees the mind from its persistent need to be ‘busy’. It also explains why people act as they do – because it is consciousness doing what consciousness does at specific levels.


Human Suffering

It goes beyond ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ – it’s a deep comprehension for Human suffering. Suffering is often life’s initiations into higher levels of being. When understood in that way, suffering can be seen in a different context – in a can be supported rather than feared.

It is also crucial that you don’t become a carrier of other people’s karma. Everyone is on their path (whether they know it or not), and allowing other people to go through life’s tests is an excellent service. Trying to ‘fix them’ isn’t your job and can cause much more harm than good. Having a degree of understanding for human suffering allows great compassion, and you can provide that space for their healing process – without feeling like you need to ‘heal them’.