Good And Evil – Does It Exist?

good and evil

Good And Evil

Good = God with an extra ‘o’.

Evil = ‘Live’ backwards. The opposite of life – life-destroying.

Good and evil, therefore, etymologically speaking at least, are opposite sides of the same coin.


Does Evil Exist?

In a word, yes. But not how the average mind perceives it.

As with anything, the word ‘evil’ gives a lineation of a symbol. This allows us to reference something in relation to something else. It’s common to believe that the opposite of evil is good, but these are only ideas in the mind. 

Evil could be considered a level of consciousness, and its corresponding behaviour is how that level manifests in the world. 

Take Hitler, for example; his determined level of consciousness corresponds directly to his behaviour and the widespread destruction to life. 


New Age Dogma

It’s common in ‘new age’ circles to say evil doesn’t exist and ‘everything is one’. In one sense, that is accurate. However, this also leads to excessive passivity, with people not standing up to evil actions.

Let’s use the enormous amounts of destruction that communism and fascism caused in the 20th century as an example. If enough people were willing to stand up to tyranny, millions of lives would not have been lost with enormous levels of suffering.

There is the potential of similar things happening today if more people don’t stand up to the loss of freedoms experienced worldwide.

If something or someone is producing low consciousness behaviour, it is in everyone’s best interest to stand up to it and call it as such. 


Religious Conditioning

Monotheistic religion has the dynamic of good and evil written into its mythology. In the Christian faith, we have Satan as the evil overlord who can be blamed for every wrong action. 

The reality is that Satan means ‘adversary’ – adverse to life = evil.

When we put it in the context of ‘anti-life’ rather than intrinsically devilish and our sworn enemy, ‘evil’ takes on a different context. 

It’s also a worthwhile task to read spiritual scripture with this alternative context – the wisdom you’ll get from them will be worth it.  


Overcoming ‘Good vs Evil’

‘Good vs evil’ is often a paradigm that holds a person back in their spiritual evolution. It is an attractive stage for the ego because it creates a hero/victim circumstance, which ‘juices’ the ego’s positions. ‘Good’ aligns with the ego’s sense of ‘rightness’, and ‘evil’ aligns with the ego’s definition of ‘wrongness’.

Alleviating yourself of the need to stop forming opinions around anything naturally brings a state of peace. This position is very freeing. Letting go of the constant judgment needed to create the good vs evil paradigm relaxes a lot of mental energy, which can be harnessed to create rather than judge. And you don’t have the right to judge anyway; judgement is of divine origin.