Exposing One To Truth

exposing one to truth

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’.

A common phrase which holds some truth, but people tend to see this only superficially.


People become what they expose themself to with vigour.

This includes people, content and ideas.

Look at reality; the body adapts to its environment. So does the mind.

If a man eats 100 doughnuts a day, he gets fat. If a man watches mind-numbing television, his mind is numbed.

One’s life is a reflection of Exposure.


Humans can consciously change their surroundings. But first, they must decide who and what they wish to become.

A path is revealed by choosing their desires with earnestness, not before.

Therefore, authentic questions, open the doorways to an infinite number of corridors.

There are no rules here. The mind is the only limitation.

One can even choose to go Nowhere purposefully. Some might say this is the wisest path of all. It is also the most difficult.

The pathless land requires a complete rejection of culture and a total obliteration of self-identity.


This is why obsessed people do not fail.

Their entire being is that of the thing itself.

‘Success’ and ‘failure’ do not exist in this domain. There is only one outcome; the world knows this as Mastery.

Identity collapses into Action – I And The Father Are One.


Expose Well.


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