Etymology – etumología (Greek) = “true sense or sense of a truth”

Etymology is a field of research, studying the root and development of words through time.


Why Study Etymology?

Words have power. Although linear, they are magical – hence we say ‘spelling’. They can create wonders in the world or bring civilisations to their knees. Take the words of Rumi, and compare them to the words of Adolf Hitler

“We can only cope with the dangers of language if we recognise that language is by nature magical and therefore highly dangerous.” ― Owen Barfield, History in English Words

The average person takes words and language for granted. But people who have awakened to a deeper sense of reality, understand the power and importance of the root meaning of words. If you study the right sources, you’ll find that people in high places have a very well rounded understanding of etymology. 

Occultists, for example, would understand many words different from the layman. When they hear the word ‘Hour’, they may realise that this originates from the word ‘Horus’ (the Egyptian Sun God – we use the Sun for time). When they hear the word ‘minister’, they know that the real meaning is ‘small star’ (mini star). These are elementary examples, but can you see how it is a vitally important topic to grasp if you want to see Actuality as it is, rather than how you want it to be? 

“When we remember the debt we owe to Homer, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Bronte, and other great writers, let us also remember the debt they owed to words and letters. Although the poet may be prince, the word is emperor.” – Michael Tsarion.


A few examples we hear every day and their meaning:- 

Minute = Arises from two Egyptian Goddesses Min (Moon) (keeper of time) + Nut (Nuith)

Youngster = Young Star

Mother = Ma’at (Egyptian Goddess of virtue)

Chaos = From the Egyptian word ‘Khus’ meaning light. The complete opposite of what we consider today. 

Chronological = Kronos – Saturn (God of Time)

‘EL’ or ‘LE’ = Words with ‘el’ and ‘le’ as prefix or suffix is from the era of ‘The cult of Saturn’. Angel, angle, Elite, Elohim, Elton, gospel, disciple, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel.

Holy = Helios (Sun)

Master = Ma – Measure / Ster – Star. Master = Measurer of the stars (Astrologer). We have ‘Master’s Degree’s’, where we use degrees to measure ‘space’ in the heavens. 

Sol = Usually means Sun although it also means alone where we get solo and solitude.

Good = God without an ‘O’. 

Evil = Devil without a ‘D’ at the beginning. 

Lucifer = Bringer of Light. Lux – Light / Fer – Bearing. (Light both illuminates and blinds)


I will be doing a full article on etymology in the future with a substantial list of words and their true meanings.