Decentralised Social Media

Decentralised social media

Technology goes through cycles. The big technology companies that we see today; Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook etc… have seen a considerable boom through the birth of the technological and information age. But tech is still in its infancy, and I think we are coming to an end of a cycle.

These companies are currently centralised sources of power, similar to the central banking system. They have control over what can and cannot be shared. They can remove people who disagree with their motives instantly. We have seen the leader of the ‘free world’, Donald Trump, kicked off every major social media platform in a few days. Regardless of your beliefs around Trump, it is alarming how much power these organisations have.

What if the next idea they decide to silence is something you hold dear? Where would you go?


Decentralised Social Media

I think the Solution is decentralised social media platforms.

The is no central point of power; everybody owns their little part of the whole. So rather than Twitter being able to wipe you off the platform if they disagree with you (a centralised power), you have the freedom to share whatever you wish, and the world will determine if they want to listen or not.

I think this is where the world is moving. Indeed, there is a growing demand for decentralisation in all aspects of our lives with the amount of data being shared across the internet. As Human Beings, we have a right to share and retain what personal information we wish. At the moment, this isn’t happening, and with the big monopolistic corporations trying to limit freedom of speech, we are living through a big part in our evolution.