Context And Content – Why It’s Vital To Know The Difference

Context and Content

Context And Content

Content = Deals with specifics and the linear domain. Newtonian. Cause and effect.

Context = The field that includes content. Refers to prevailing conditions rather than just content. Non-linear. Quantum physics. Russellian science (based on the work of Walter Russell).


Perception Vs Essence (Content Vs Context)

The majority of the human race are operating at lower levels of consciousness. See the Map Of Consciousness here for reference. By virtue of this fact, most of the species cannot discern between the perception of an event and the essence (expanded context) of the event. 

In this way, hyper-emotionality takes precedence over above Reality. The conceited core of the ego holds its position, with anything that ‘rattles the cage’ seen as a personal attack. There is then a severe emotional reaction to an often innocent comment/action to a different worldview. We can see (so-called) ‘woke’ culture as an example of this. 

(I think it’s also important to say here that the Spiral Dynamics Model and other ego developmental models that have been built on this work are incorrect when they portray the level ‘green’)


Contextual Paradigms

Different levels of ego and spiritual development have corresponding interpretations of Reality.

As an analogy – an ocean has vast ecosystems at every depth – in the same way, the field of consciousness (the ocean) has ‘ecosystems’ to the interpretation of existence. At lower levels within the field, life is seen as angry, fearful and apathetic, with their perceived Reality proving them ‘right’. At higher levels within the field, life will be seen as loving, joyful and peaceful.

Also to note is that ‘birds of a feather flock together’, with one prevailing level of consciousness resonating with others at the same level.

It’s essential to recognise that the average human needs to be ‘right’ above all else – even at the expense of its extinction in some cases (war). This is a trait of the ego structure that is narcissistic and self-absorbed, leading to the condemnation of anyone who has a different position. In the modern world, we see the manifestation of opposing ideologies persistently at loggerheads in the form of politics, being made worse by the propaganda machine we call ‘the media, who do not care for the Truth any more than being first and/or the most outrageous.

Naturally, more expansive paradigms also hold higher levels of understanding for the positionality of others. Therefore, understanding is of more value than condemnation. This is a good yardstick when looking into the evolution of ‘teachers’ or ‘gurus’.


Truth Vs Falsehood

A limitation of the human mind is the incapacity to differentiate between Truth and falsehood. This has been seen throughout history with the rise and fall of civilisations and related ideological pitfalls. It is proven by the frequency of ‘good people’ being manipulated by the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. 

The natural, innocent condition of the human and their inability to discern Truth from falsity allows them to be manipulated and ‘brainwashed’ by nefarious and low consciousness people and corresponding ideologies.

As I’ve spoken and wrote about in the past – with Hawkins Map Of Consciousness, we have an objective scale to determine somethings energetic level (frequency of Truth).



“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi.

Language is limited in context because only a certain level of abstraction and meaning can be given in the linear domain – that of language.

Many of the most evolved Avatars through history have attempted to put the ineffable into language. Because of its inherent limitations and contextual drawbacks, metaphors, stories, and symbols are used. They are unlimited in context and allow for a greater level of understanding.

This is how we end up people at different levels of spiritual evolution interpreting scripture with such contrast. If one determines scripture as literal (content), then the scientific and rational type will inevitably oppose the position. Likewise, the scientific and rational levels will be understood for their limitations with individuals who operate with a more expansive and contextual paradigm. The Reality is that scripture holds wisdom that cannot be used in the everyday linear usage of words and their shared understanding, and so allegories are used to portray

Masters of language are appealing. This, of course, is a double-edged sword. Language and words can be used for Divine purposes – raising one’s consciousness and that of others. Alternatively, sophistry is a tactic to wrap words around hostile and deceitful ideologies. Once again, we only have to go back 100 years to see millions of people fall at the feet of such people like Lenin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong.


In closing, I’d like to share a quote by Dr David Hawkins, a gentleman who has changed the course of my life.

“The Realisation of the Presence of Divinity unfolds of its own when the ego and its perceptual positionalities are surrendered. To ‘Know’, it is necessary to drop the limiting impairment of the illusion of knowing ‘about’. The mind collects knowledge, facts, and mentations that are limited by context and paradigm of mentalisation. The Realisation emerges from a paradigm different from the linear, conceptual mind. Thus mind is replaced by Mind. While mind is talkative, Mind is silent and unmoving, yet do all seeming ‘things’ move within it. In contrast, evolution appears to ordinary mind as the consequence of cause and effect because of the perceptions of form, time and change.

Thus, spiritual evolution means to move from identification with content (linear ‘mind’) to context (non-linear Mind). Spiritual evolution in itself brings forth the transformation in the nonform of Realisation, which is beyond conceptualisation or languaging and instead becomes apparent and dominant without the necessity of thought.”

– Dr David Hawkins