Beyond The Newtonian Paradigm (Cause and Effect)

newtonian paradigm


As the story goes, an apple dropped from a tree onto Isaac Newton’s head, and that is how he ‘discovered’ gravity. Newtonian physics’s emergence is grounded in cause and effect – there is a ‘this’ causing a ‘that’. Newton’s work has evolved into the materialist scientific world we have today. (Little does mainstream science admit that Newton was an occultist and deeply religious man)


Linear Causality

Cause and effect – the belief that ‘this’ causes ‘that’ is innately dualistic. It says there must be an object putting ‘the wheels in motion’ to make an effect. Therefore this whole paradigm is rooted in a limited viewpoint.

Let’s look at it from a broader perspective. How has your body come to exist today? You were born, but that required both of your parents to exist before you. That needed the grandparents to exist before them… and on and on. And all circumstances must have happened exactly as they did, all the way back to the beginning of the Universe. Nothing caused you to exist – your earthly existence is an organic unfoldment of the Universe. There is no ‘this’ causing a ‘that’.


Beyond The Newtonian Paradigm

The Human has ‘barriers’ to transcend and surrender for the development of consciousness. Revelations take place as these ‘obstacles’ fall away. A critical revelation as we evolve past the rational and linear development stage is that ’cause and effect’ is an illusion. There is NOT a ‘this’ causing a ‘that’. With this awareness, the world takes on a different context.

It can be seen that everything is an unfoldment of karmic potential when the accumulated conditions are ripe. There are no mistakes, and there can never be anything out of alignment with its field of energy.


Evolution or Creation?

This is the foundational split between religion and science. But what if they are actually both agreeing with one another?

Creation is a continuing process witnessed as evolution. Evolution is the means of creation and how awareness observes its unfoldment. The Newtonian paradigm boxes us into linear causality, whereas an infinite unfoldment of the Universe is a non-linear reality. Creation occurs as the manifest comes out of the unmanifest when the circumstance is right.

Out of nothingness comes everythingness.