Being Careless


Taking care means you’re attempting to follow an agreed code.

It’s a self-imposed prison, and a contract with society.


Nature does not know what caring means.

Does the bird care for the worm?

Or is it a simple unfoldment of Nature?


Man has it upside down.

He thinks he can be a ‘good’ person by taking care of the things he values.

When he doesn’t maintain his parameters, his internal world falters.

And so he becomes anxious and depressed.


Carelessness brings equilibrium.

Emotional turmoil cannot blossom in a state of carelessness as it has no grounding to lay its seeds.

How can one start a fire without oxygen?


The Truth cares not one bit.

It is unconditionally careless, and therefore unconditionally Loving.

Culture rejects careless Truth for caring comfort.

And so it’s on a path of continual degeneration.

Don’t take my word for it, take a look around.