A Masterpiece in Making Sense of the World

Daniel Schmachtenberger

I first saw Daniel Schmachtenberger around 2 months ago and I’ve watched around an hour of his videos every day since.

His philosophies on life are mind expanding and very evolved. Notice his stance on finding meaning in life. I find a lot of similarities to Viktor Frankl’s work ‘Man’s Search for Meaning‘; but Schmachtenberger brings modern day complexities with his ideas which makes it more relatable.

If you have studied psychological developmental models, I’d suggest that Daniel Schmachtenberger is predominantly Turquoise on the Spiral Dynamics model. Observe how he talks about non-rivalrous systems to develop individual and collective consciousness – masterly thinking whether you agree with his philosophies or not.

When I listen to people of this calibre, it inspires me to continue development my level of consciousness.

Let me know what you think of him.