You Have Chosen

Your Soul seeking more in a world of plenty?
You have gold and silver, bricks and mortar,
And still, fulfilment evades.
More and more brings less and less, empty.
Like attachment,
Have you chosen?

The mind, like an arrow,
Piercing everything that isn’t.
The hole has appeared,
The rabbit dug down, deeper, wider.
Do not be afraid wise spirit
You may have chosen.

You try and leave it, like a bad dream.
But it stays, a stubborn gift.
Nothing is familiar, your patriots waver.
One word spoken and there is a howl to silence.
But now you have seen,
For you have chosen.

The Light shines, both in head and heart,
No longer just beating, but soaring.
Divinity and the spark of wonder.
This place is different now isn’t it?
You know you are the choice itself,
And you have chosen.