Why Time Is Man’s Enemy



“Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in an apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future.”

This post’s title may seem a little odd at first, but it is quite basic and self-explanatory. 


The Mind

A mind is an operative tool that creates a linear perception of a non-linear reality (Life) – that is how ‘time and space’ are known. 

The mind, or more accurately, your relationship to Mind, is the cause of all suffering. What is suffering other than the ego minds perceptions of a past or future event? Something that traumatises one person may liberate another. So, it is the clouded subjective egoic mind that puts meaning onto an event and creates ‘time’.

There are very few Human Beings on the planet who are at the level of consciousness not to put their subjective bias onto an event. They are no longer affected by time at that level of development, and they know there isn’t an external world. 


Past and Future

There is a reasonably well-known concept – fear of the past leads to depression; fear of the future leads to anxiety. 

So our mind’s interpretation of events in so-called ‘time’ causes all pain and suffering within the psyche. Have you ever experienced anything that is now not in the past? Or can you imagine anything that is not in the future? Both of these can make you feel good or bad. – they can lead to excitement or despair. 


Breaking Free Of Time

The first step must be to understand that time is an illusion in the first place. Our perception of an external world (which doesn’t exist) creates a sense of duality and therefore, time and space. 

The understanding that the Universe is a reflection of You leads to the knowing that non-duality is the only Reality. Non-duality means there is no separation between anything and anyone – therefore, time cannot exist. 

There is ‘nowhere to get to’ because getting somewhere takes times. 

Psychological time is man’s enemy. Remove the egoic subjective mind, remove suffering and conflict.