Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings

The Zoom meetings are simply a place to ask questions about non-duality and what is perceived as enlightenment. There is no learning and knowing here, rather the opposite – unknowing.

The meetings are held every Thursday at 8 pm BST (British Summer Time). You can find the Zoom link here.

The meetings are free to attend with donations welcome – paypal.me/alexhickman91



The constant spiritual seeking is tiresome yet appealing. I was on that journey for nearly a decade. You read all of the books, do all of the practises, meditate, sit at the feet of ‘guru’s’, do yoga…. it goes on. But the cycle of seeking continues.

The individual believes there is something else to do, something to have or something to be. It cannot rest and needs ‘to know’. In reality, the very seeking you are doing is the cloud that conceals liberation.

What the individual seeks is wholeness. The paradox is that wholeness is void of self, and therefore what the ego fears most – non-existence, is also what we long for.

This is the apparent paradoxical nature of non-duality.

The zoom meetings are to discuss this nature.