Truth Alone

Truth Alone


It isn’t a difficult concept, but it’s a punishing practicality.

Devoting one’s life to Truth leaves no stone unturned.


You won’t find Truth meandering in the mosh pit of culture. Society is the antithesis of Truth; it is a mirror of society’s unconscious.

Take a look now for yourself; a quick look on a news channel will suffice. The average person is addicted to it; actual or not, the drama of worldly events gives them a sense of aliveness. The average folk need this drama to make them feel something. Why wouldn’t they be addicted? It’s their mirror.

They’re addicted to pleasure; they’re addicted to their electronic devices; they’re hooked on drugs in various forms; they’re working miserable jobs for miserable people; blaming everything else for their unhappiness.

They’re addicted to Maya. Anything to stop them from facing reality as it is.

Animal instincts. Folk in a perpetual state of fear and survival. You may not notice it in everyday life, but that’s because you’re probably numb to it. It’s subtle, but watch how people cannot look at each other in the eyes, so they’re not ‘seen’ – like prey. Watch how quickly people are emotionally triggered by anything outside their acceptable comfort levels, leading to all sorts of animalistic behaviour.

The Hindus believe we go through cycles called Yugas, and we’re currently in the dark ages. I’ve no idea whether this is true, but it certainly holds weight.


How do you know if something is Truthful?

It is what is. It’s Reality.

But what isn’t Truth then?

Your perception.

The mind distorts Truth. Does this mean you negate the mind? No. It means to understand the mind to see clearly. The mind is a wonderful slave but a lethal master. Again, go and look at the atrocities in the world to see the reign of king mente.

Maturity is about being able to deal with life on life’s terms, not how you want them to be. The burning away of all belief systems, ideologies, and conditions is not something for the faint hearted. But it’s a process that brings Nature back to the forefront. 

Beauty and purity exist as things are. Nature is Ultimately Pure. It’s the Ultimate reflection.


This isn’t waking up in the dream; this is waking up from the dream.