Do You Know Yourself More Than Technology Knows You? – Tristan Harris

I listened to this Rebel Wisdom interview a couple of days ago whilst walking the dog. The host was doing an interview with Tristan Harris.

The former Google employee and founder of The Centre for Humane Technology, made a profound point.

At 52.36 Tristan said…

“The problem is when technology knows us better than when we know ourselves… and if you don’t know yourself better than technology does; you are going to lose… it is a kind of race…”

He goes onto say…

“What this is really about is the relationship between human beings and technology. It is an asymmetry of power where technology may know something about you that you don’t know about yourself and acting based on that”.



I think this is an important point and something we need to take into consideration when we study our own beliefs and perceptions of the world. Are they our own or have they been placed there?

Are we sovereign in our thinking or have our thought patterns been placed there for us? The answer is probably not as straight forward as you may think.

And in my mind it raises another question – what does it mean if your blind spots are being manipulated by technology? Where do we draw the line?

Introspective contemplation will help, but it is an evolving process that needs continual awareness.