The Sevenfold Nature of Man

the sevenfold nature of man

The Sevenfold Nature of Man

Lost are the spiritual sciences in the age of materialism. One of the profound teachings of our ancient forefathers were the different bodies that we have as a Human Being. The Sevenfold Nature of Man is a lost principle of science.

Mainstream modern science focuses so much on the material body that it has turned away from anything that it cannot put under a microscope.

Thankfully, ‘alternative scientists’ have gained traction. People such as Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza are now encouraging the scientific community to open up and discover a new world of science. This science is hidden behind the veil of materialism.

Although we are miles away from uncovering the wisdom of the elders, the information provided below can bring a deeper understanding of the body and bring forth information which is rarely spoken about.

“The chief difficulty which prevents men of science from believing in Divine as well as in Nature Spirits is their Materialism” – Helena Blavatsky.


Sevenfold Nature

The mystics knew of our sevenfold nature, and it seems there is no better time with this looming ‘crisis’ to share it again so that people can re-engage. Many get called, but few listen.

The Human Being has seven ‘bodies’. The names of them may vary depending upon culture, and we will explore them as simply as possible: –


1) The Physical Body

No need to explain this one. This is what science is all about and has been for centuries. We are now seeing science proving the body is an advanced organic electromagnetic machine. This is a huge step forward from its Newtonian linear based models of reality.


2) The Astral

This is the energetic body double. It is far less dense than the physical body and is the body that can and often does leave the physical body. Within specific brain frequencies or when highly intoxicated, this body can leave the physical (remains attached). Mind can affect matter only through the astral body. This body can be ‘seen’ to the trained eye.


3) The Pranic

This is the ‘Life Force’ that keeps the physical body alive. Electric in its nature. If you are often tired, specific exercises can harness this energy supply and feed the physical body. If you question the bodies electrical nature, go and have an ECG, you won’t doubt it for long.


4) The Kama

Where all of our desires and passions reside. Our animalistic nature comes from this body. We see a lot of this principle with the social effects of this health crisis. If the person with a lot of sensual desires/passions dies, these mental forms often take an objective form. They can attach themselves to others, particularly after the host’s physical death.


5) The Manas (Intellect)

The ‘I’ of our being. The individual mind of the man. Not to confuse the mind and the brain. The brain serves the physical body, not any of the subtler ones. If pure, your thoughts will be towards spiritual principles, if not they will generally be pulled down towards sensuality. The Manas is the body that also makes and experiences Karma, a fundamental Law of the Universe.


6) The Buddhic

Not individualised and is there as a servant of the Atma. Meaning there is no such thing as ‘my Buddhic Body’ and ‘your Buddhic body’. Atma radiates its Divine Light through this vehicle into the other bodies to experience.


7) The Atma(n)

Our essential nature. “The Atman is Brahman” as the Upanishads say. The fewer words said, the closer to the Truth, so I’ll end that here.


human body


The Body and Karma

We do not do ourselves any favours if we identify as our physical body. Illness and disease in the physical body come from an imbalance and lack of harmony within your nature.

The Human physical body is the densest. If you are pure in thought, emotion and action, your physical body will not be at the mercy of illness. Illness is born of imbalance, and usually, the perceived disease is the body bringing itself back into alignment. The symptoms are typically an outer manifestation of the inner healing process.

If there are karmic propensities, there may be unavoidable circumstances until they are worked through. Deep spiritual work cleanses or ‘burns’ the Karmic fields. Most people don’t want to hear this because it means they need to grow up and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.


Recommended Reading

‘An Outline of Occult Science’ by Rudolph Steiner

The Sevenfold Constitution of a Human Being – Helena Blavatsky (not a book – put in google)