The Natural Intelligence Of The Body

Natural Wisdom

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday morning. He is pretty switched on and dedicated to the pursuit of Truth, whatever the fuck that means. He was talking about desire and all that type of stuff.

“I think desire is a primary driver of creation”, he says.

“You think?”, I replied. I rarely agree or disagree with a statement; questions seem to permit people to unlock their messy sequence without me imparting my non-sense onto them.

“Yeh, I don’t know where it comes from, but whenever you desire something enough, it tends to come about somehow”.
“Have you ever seen a dog get angry at another dog when they start growling at eachother?, I asked.

“No”, wondering what I was going on about.

“They shake their body for a few seconds after they’ve had a little scuffle. Happens every time”

“What’s that got to do with desire?” he asked.

“Your desire is like the shaking dog. A result of the nervous system expelling energy – nothing more”.

(Quiet contemplation for about a minute)

“I like it”, he says.

I suggested that the desire he is experiencing is nature’s way of throwing off ‘desiringness’ (field of energy) from the nervous system. The thought being the emotion itself rather than being separate from it. Our emotional pulls and pushes are the nervous systems’ way of expulsion; this is why no state is permanent.

‘Desire’ in particular is spoken about in terms of achieving some future state – a future state which is unreal. Post awakening, it’s understood that the mind is not quite what the blinded zombies think. Thinking assists in navigating the world of delusion, leaving Truth in all of its abiding glory, but because of the childish nature of most adults, it’s usually a hindrance.

The intelligence residing in the body/mind is unknowable and therefore unspeakable. It cannot be written down or understood because you are that.

Another example for clarity – let’s suppose a person has (what is known as) anxiety. Being one with the mind, the body will have physiological changes that will probably include quicker breathing, butterflies in the stomach and expulsion of waste (take a dump), and a few other natural processes. The nervousness does not cause the bodily sensations in a linear, A-B, causality arrangement. One does not cause another; they are the same thing. The mind’s idea of nervousness is the body’s physiological process, not its cause.

Nature, and therefore the human body, does not care if something is pleasurable or painful – it seeks a state of equilibrium. What the mind considers pleasurable is thrown off and much as something painful. An orgasm is traumatic for the human vessel. It may feel wonderful for a short time to the individual, but the body soon throws it off. Similarly, if one has physical pain, the body will seek equilibrium/balance, and the innate intelligence will throw off unwanted excess.

It’s the same principle.

I had another guy message me on Facebook later the same day.











The above is expected as one’s consciousness expands and the body’s nervous system holds more ‘life force’ (electricity/magnetism). It is nothing done by the individual/self but a natural unfoldment by natural intelligence.