“Looking to become ‘more’ whole? , ‘Fix’ yourself perhaps?, Or maybe you’re looking for that next secret that will magically fix all your life’s problems?

If this is the case, Alex isn’t your guy – just go and find another self-help guru. Alex wont entertain your illusions. He won’t feed your ego, and he wont hedge his words. His no nonsense approach to coaching is the most powerfully direct style I have experienced.

A devoted craftsman of rational spirituality, serving a refreshing antidote to illusion in a world full of spiritual confusion. Alex will shed light on you the Truth of yourself – the good, the bad and the ugly. All of which, leading you to your highest nature, unfolding your authentic path to the greatest mystery of your truest Self and highest potential.”

– Jordan Johnson



“Alex has coached and helped me through progress in many areas of my life; mentally, physically & spiritually increasing my health and wealth along the way.

Over coming internal blocks and self perception really has been key for me. I would highly recommend anyone to him, friends and family alike. Alex has helped me on with personal development, property and business. Ultimately it has resulted in leading a healthier, happier life.”

– Brad Davies



“Alex helped shift my awareness to something I hadn’t experienced before. He focusses on bringing you back into alignment with yourself after all of the conditioning from parents and society. I had started numerous companies chasing that inner fulfilment but could never get it. I now run a smaller business much more attuned to who I am, and spend most of my time with my family. I’d have only dreamed about that a couple of years ago.

A word of warning – the coaching isn’t for the faint of heart. The truth can be painful when you’re shedding old skin.”

– Rachael Lovell