Stage Beige – Spiral Dynamics

stage beige

If you have not read the overview of Spiral Dynamics then please read this to understand the structure and to give the following articles context.

Spiral Dynamics – Stage Beige

The beige value system occurs at the beginning of our life and is the first stage in the spiral. Its motto is simple: do what you need to do to survive. Beige is entirely driven by our instincts and the urge to get our very basic needs met. Food, Water, Shelter and Sex are at the core of their thinking and actions at this point; with daily survival being an ongoing driver. Think of Beige as an ‘animalistic’ way of living.

In 2020; we are likely to see Beige living in un-touched tribes or newborn babies. Beige represents approximately 0.1% of the worlds adult population, who have no influence or benefit to how society works.

Beige remains in the unconscious mind; however, if the conscious mind arises, it is directed only towards the self.


The Origin Of Beige

The beige value system originated over 150,000 years ago, in homeosapiens based in the areas of Iraq and the Eastern-African Savanna.


Point of Gravity

The essence of Beige is simply survival. Their worldview is natural and instinctive and their life philosophy is to be able to survive and satisfy their needs in their natural environment.


Characteristics of the Level Beige

Those at Level Beige live entirely around the need for survival. Therefore all their characteristics revolve around this and using their innate skills and instincts. Those at Beige have developed strong physical senses, motor skills and reflexes which are all beneficial traits when clinging to the need for survival.

Beige is very self-centred level, something we can all experience if our survival is threatened. Beige is archaic, basic, entirely needs-driven and holds a masculine energy. The masculine energy is what seeks autonomy and independence and can be found throughout the spiral.


Healthy Manifestations

A healthy manifestation of Beige is the ability to survive and independently take care of yourself.


Unhealthy Manifestations

Unhealthy manifestations of Beige include the inability to survive independently or take care of yourself. You can see this trait in newborn babies, those who are severely mentally ill and the senile elderly.


Transcending Stage Beige – Moving into Purple

As Beige moves into the next stage, known as purple, you will see the development of their characteristics. They are moving away from the basic needs for personal survival and awaken to a world of more dependence, and the safety of being with others.

As they transition through, Beige may find themselves obeying leaders (such as tribal leaders), adhering to the needs of the group and maybe participating in group rituals (such as child sacrifice). At this point, it is more than likely that Beige has fully transitioned through to the Purple Stage.



Gratitude to Don Beck, Chris Cowan and Clare Graves for the gift of this work.

I’d also like to thank SDiNL and for the exceptional work they have done in sharing this information and making it accessible to the masses.