Shamanic Drumming MP3

shamanic drumming

Shamanic Drumming

The purpose of Shamanic drumming is to put you into a hypnotic state by altering brain wave frequency. If you have experienced a shaman drumming in the right setting, you’ll know the power it can have on your state.

Mystical practices such as Shamanism have been given a negative spin for thousands of years because of the control mechanism operating in the world. Monotheistic religion in particular has shut down anything mystical and esoteric and labelled it satanic and devilish. Why? Because it threatens their mind control systems. Why would they want people experiencing the mystical realms of God when they can just listen to people talk about it in church?



Shamanism is the pre-cursor to all religion that we have on Earth today. The wisdom that shamanic lineages hold and bring to the world cannot be known and only experienced through their work.


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I spent some time with European shamanic practitioners and experienced the power they hold. Their knowledge and healing abilities cannot be spoken about authentically because you simply wouldn’t believe them without experiencing it.



Shamanic journeying is an ancient practice. For shamanic practitioners, journeying involves getting into an alternate state of awareness and ‘journeying’ to one of 3 worlds. You can read a good article on journeying here. I recommend reading the article before listening to the drumming audio to highten your experience.



The MP3 that I’ve had created has been made specifically designed with a specific number of beats per second in order to have maximum impact. This is based on the knowledge I picked up from the sacred work of the Shaman.

Please note that I did not drum this myself. I had it recorded to instructions with a specific type of drum.


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