Revealing the Devil – What Is The Root of Evil?

What Is The Root of Evil

Revealing the Devil – What Is The Root of Evil?

Where does evil stem from? It may reside in the last place people would want to look for it.


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00:02 – Intro

What is the root of evil? The good versus evil duality is a construct we have been battling with forever it seems like when you hit a certain level of consciousness, the barrier of duality is like a hurdle, a major hurdle to overcome. I got there through psychedelics back three years ago after an Ayahuasca ceremony, which left me questioning the origin of this evil. Where does it come from? Is it objective subjective? What role does religion play in everything?

And I began asking these types of questions which sent me donor spiralling into a pretty hellish place. I did enough self development work at this point to understand what was happening and to see it as a blessing. But nonetheless, it was a difficult time. As Jordan Peterson says the pathway to enlightenment is barred by the necessity of a passage to hell. And that’s why the world is not full of enlightened people.


01:10 – What is Evil?

To find where evil comes from, we need to talk about what evil actually is. Collectively, we’ve got many beliefs wrapped around the term evil, most of them implemented by a Christian routes in the West. The devil being an evil entity that can overcome somebody if they don’t bow down to the virtues that the church sets out. You’ve got Satan as the devil meaning adversary, adverse to life.

I define evil as life destructive fields of energy, and that’s as close as I can get using the limited language that we have. Look around you today, the things that are going on in the world, and how destructive a lot of them are. As an example, we rape the planet for its resources, and our home, in the name of materialism and money. There’s absolutely zero empathy in that. And that’s the question, Is that normal? It’s certainly not natural. So it does make you question.


02:16 – Erich Neumann and Nature

And Erich Neumann is a psychologist and student of Carl Jung thought that our fear of nature is a manifestation of the fear of our psyche. And I think he gives us a clue here to the root of the root of evil, answering the question I set out to achieve. It is compelling for people to view the perceived evil in the world is out there.

What responsibility do we need to have and take for ourselves, if evil is in the world, but not in, in themself? And the reality is that you are the root of evil, man’s mind and his despite his own inner being his determination to avoid self introspection at all costs. So the devil is you. The hidden aspects of our unconscious mind plays out to the world as individuals and collectively as a group think, as a society.


03:12 – Religion/ Aldous Huxley

In the Bible, Jesus says, Get behind me Satan, when the devil offered him all the kingdoms in return for Jesus worshipping Him. As most people do, this has been took for an objective devil tempting the Saviour, with Christian values, at least. The subjective and inner meaning of this is, you know, somewhat different and far more enlightening in reality. The devil being your own mind and shadow elements, with Christ being our divine self; the divine aspect of our being in lightening that shadow. Notice how society runs away from the self introspection until the pain gets too bad.

Aldous Huxley said, If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self knowledge is painful, and we prefer the pleasure of illusion. Unless again, why would we want to admit that we are the origin of evil, when we can just get hit by a next dose of dopamine and forget all about these things for a while, forget about ourselves.


04:22 – Being Fearful of Greatness

Another author that I really like is Robert Johnson is a Jungian analyst. exceptional work, believes the primary reason we avoid this type of inner inner work. introspection is because we’re fearful of the magnificence of divinity. The Shadow elements are as much divine as the light elements in our psychology. And if, if you’ve had an experience of complete unity with spirit, you might grasp what Robert is saying in his work, because we all think that we avoid self introspection due to fear of what we might find in there. But what are we feeling? Are we favouring our darkness or light? and Robert Johnson thinks it’s primarily our light.


05:07 – Where Is The Evil In You?

And so with the evil being of the self, we project that into the world, there’s no heroes little individuality, little magnificence, that stand the test of time. Long gone are the days of geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci. As now we welcome the crowd as our new Saviour. Corrupted governments, war, pillaging, addiction, depression, they’re just an accepted norm. We don’t even question them.

We see these things as a problem that the world will one day overcome, something outside of ourselves. But to what degree is this corruption, war and pillaging addiction and depression within you and staring you in the face. The evil in the world? Where is the evil, that root of that evil within you? It’s quite difficult to comprehend that you are the source of all of this. But the total ownership that you need to have will set you free.


06.01 – Ancestral Trauma

One other line of thought as well, that I think is important to discuss the idea of ancestral trauma. And for this you do need an open mind. Immanuel Velikovsky, along with others thought that the cataclysms have caused a sort of amnesia in humanity. After some study, I think it’s probably like a flood between nine and 12,000 years ago, that’s there’s numerous books around that go check those out yourself.

Graham Hancock talks about it a little bit. Michael Tsarion a mentor of mine, he talks about it. And this flood leads to a split in consciousness. What if this split is how we perceive our left brain and right brain being much more in tune with creativity, and the cosmos being in tune with nature; with the left brain, far more linear processing machine. It’s food for thought and something that you know must be considered.


07:07 – Unconscious As A Defence Mechanism

Is our unconscious mind being used as a defence mechanism brought on by such cataclysms because it’s not going to just be one there’s going to be numerous to the left brain and the unconscious is being used as a defence mechanism. As I said to Velikovsky, Rudolf Steiner, Schwaller De Lubicz, Michael Tsarion; these people buy into this theory usually gets shut down by academia, but like anything that gets banned or hidden from sight, it gains an air of curiosity, right.

So in the future, I think we’ll see more of this theory coming to light. Ancestral trauma, this could be also considered an origin of these, these roots of evil. Because if the reason we holding so much in our unconscious and in our shadows is because of this trauma; maybe that is one of the roots of the problems here, and we don’t talk about it, there’s no history on it. So maybe that needs to come to light as well.


08:10 – Project Sovereign

And in closing, I’d like to say that myself Project Sovereign is an organisation for for mastery of oneself and a broader understanding of reality. I’ll try and put across transformational content without all the excessive academic noise that we hear. The world is full of academic types. We know they say a lot but offer a little they’ll learn more about less and less with no practical implementation.

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