Project Sovereign

project sovereign

In the short/mid-term, Project Sovereign aims to be the most holistic personal development platform in the world. It will have content from experts in their field, including interviews, articles and advanced information. 

Many other personal development sites are niched to specific life areas, such as wealth, health or spirituality. Real sovereignty requires all of these things, and Project Sovereign will deliver that. 

There is very little out there with holistic personal development content that coincides with information to live a sovereign life. Humanity is at a crossroads, and Project Sovereign is doing its bit to attract people down the path of liberation. 

There is a platform being built that will be a subscription service only. This will take resources and requires capital. In the meantime, Patreon is being used as the platform to help support the work. 

Although I front Project Sovereign at the moment, this has little to do with me. I need people interested in this type of work to support the movement to become an autonomous entity. 

Consider supporting Project Sovereign through Patreon here. There is information there that isn’t released to the public. The knowledge base will continue to grow to help anyone who resonates with the movement.


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