Paul Chek – Beyond The Fear of Death

paul chek

Paul Chek

I chose Paul Chek’s organisation, the CHEK Institute, to expand my knowledge base. I first come across his work when I stopped playing sports for a living, primarily through chronic injury. He was the only guy I could find that I deeply resonated with both physically and spiritually.

It isn’t often I get blown away by someone I have studied in-depth over a prolonged time period. But this conversation that Paul Chek had with Aubrey Marcus was incredible. They both played a role in uncovering the immortality of the Human Soul and the modern day social relationship with death.

They got into the science of psychedelics, shamanism, mysticism, spirituality, consciousness and God.

Or you can listen to it here on Spotify

Read Paul Chek’s book here. I put Paul’s book in my top ‘5 Books For Holistic Health Mastery’.