Why There Is No ‘Mass Awakening’

mass awakening

There Is No ‘Mass Awakening’

Let’s lay it upfront, the reason most people cling on for a better future is because the Reality that they live now isn’t how they want it to be. They blame it on everything else in the world but themselves, a manifestation of the mind virus that we call victimhood. 

The term ‘awakening’ is overused. So overused that it has lost its real meaning.

It’s easier to describe what awakening isn’t:-

  1. ‘Woke’ – Political Correctness.
  2. A few meditation and yoga classes.
  3. Bullshit conspiracies with no Truth in them.
  4. Realising the world operates differently to what you thought it did initially. It’s deeper than that.
  5. A spiritual, social media page

What ‘Awakening’ is – The realisation that Reality is a Dream, and Self is that which is the Dreamer – becoming lucid in the Dream of All Dreams. 

Awaken – Arise from sleep. 



For the last 6000 years (at least, probably tens of thousands), the globe’s populace has been in a seeming state of chaos. Every generation thinks they are more advanced than ever before and have the answers to solve Humanities problems – history proves otherwise.

Why do we think we are any different from every other generation?

Humanity is going through enormous changes, but that doesn’t mean there is a mass awakening, it means we are evolving. And evolving doesn’t always imply towards a higher Truth either. Sometimes it devolves, as scientifically known by the ancients and the known cosmic cycles.

We have been through numerous age shifts, and yet chaos is maintained. So why is ‘The Age of Aquarius’ any different? Or is it just Human Beings hoping for a better future because their lives are so miserable? I’d suggest this is far more likely.


Cosmic Cycle and The Age of Aquarius

Granted, there is a cosmic cycle, known as the Yuga Cycles or The Great Year, which lasts 25,800 years. There are also larger epochs of time which don’t need to be expanded on here. This isn’t theory, it’s a science, and should be treated as such. And we are the stage of exiting ‘Kali Yuga’ which coincides with the shift into ‘The Age of Aquarius’. But let’s get real here, the reliance is on us as individuals to ‘awaken’. We cannot rely on cosmic forces to do the heavy lifting.

Enlightenment and walking the Path of Liberation is not for people relying on external factors. You are the Kosmos manifest in physical form. Until one realises that, the outer world will always appeal more than one’s inner nature.

You awaken by aligning with God/Buddha Nature/Tao/Allah etc. and unceasingly working toward becoming the embodiment of Love and Truth.

It is easy to write and talk about, to Be is a different story.