Joel Rafidi and Yerasimos Stilianessis | Exploring Freedom, Sovereignty, And The Authentic Individual

Joel Rafidi and Yerasimos Stilianessis

Joel Rafidi and Yerasimos Stilianessis are founders of the ‘Here For The Truth’ podcast.

Joel is a conscious Hip-Hop, father, husband and mentor. Joel is also a student of the mystery school tradition. Yerasimos is Transformational Bodyworker, Self-Sabotage Coach & Human Design Analyst.

We spoke about a range of important topics including:

– Freedom, sovereignty and authenticity

– Problems with ‘The New Age’

– Mans body as Natures finest creation

– Psychedelics

– The Divination Arts

– Individualism/Collectivism

– Cov*d (of course) 😆

I had a great time speaking to these guys. I think we all had more to talk about so I’ll be getting them back on in the near future.


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