How To Handle An ‘Enlightenment’ Experience



Enlightenment is a bit of a buzz word. The word is often used to describe political revolutions such as the French revolution in 1789, and the intellectual and philosophical ‘enlightenment’ in the 17th and 18th century. 

People also portray it to mean – ‘to have seen through the matrix’ or something similar in a more modern and ‘new age’ context. 

But the eternal definition of the word falls outside any moment in history. People becoming enlightened has been happening since the dawn of man. 


Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment – the timeless definition – is when the individual has transcended the ego and no longer lives in a dream state. The dream state involves seeing the world through the lens of the ego construct with all its belief systems and clouded judgements. 

When this occurs in an individual, they often have to remove themselves from worldly activities for some time until their minds can attune back to the earth’s vibration. At this point, their physical bodies are more like a ‘karmic wind-up toy’, which goes about doing it’s a thing while the being is in a perpetual state of bliss. 

All situations in the world are humorous – like one big cosmic joke. Even perceived ‘tragic’ events are seen as ‘karmic balancing’ and therefore, always for the greater good. 

Everything is complete. There is never anything out of place or any ‘wrongness’ at any moment. There is nothing ‘to do’ because everything is already whole. There is nothing to move towards or think about because past and future have no reality other than the eternal present. 

(Words don’t do enlightenment justice – I write it as clearly as I can within my capabilities).

Paradoxically, you see how this could cause a problem after having an experience like this without people around you to assist who have been through a similar thing?


Handling An Enlightenment Experience

If you have an enlightenment experience, these words won’t mean much to you at that time – you’ll probably be living in a complete state of bliss and words are irrelevant. But it may be wise to consider them beforehand if you are seeking enlightenment in this lifetime. 

Unless you are karmically ripe, there will be no need to go back into the world for a significant time. It would be advisable to live with somebody understanding of what you are going through. Most people have never heard of enlightenment, never mind experienced it, so if you are seriously going after enlightenment, surround yourself with similar people. 

The ego has been annihilated at this point, so everything you thought you were, no longer means anything. This can be very distressing for the people who have loved and cared for you since you were born, and they may think there is something wrong with you. There is no need to reassure them that you’re ok continually – it is often better to smile and use humour as a tool to break down the barrier that they will put up. 

I remember looking at myself in the mirror at one point and being shocked that something was looking back at me. Some people forget to feed themselves and look after the physical body because it becomes a bit of a drag. Put the effort in to keep yourself physically healthy as a service to God and the animal kingdom. 


I could go on and on here, but I’ve limited myself to 500 words, and I’m already pushing 600. This is a big topic. I’ll cover it again soon.