Hail The Technocracy


What is Technocracy?

‘A technocracy is an ideology or form of government wherein decision-makers are chosen for office based on their technical expertise and background. A technocracy differs from a traditional democracy in that individuals elected to a leadership role are chosen through a process that emphasises their relevant skills and proven performance, as opposed to whether or not they fit the majority interests of a popular vote. The individuals that occupy such positions in a technocracy are known as technocrats.’ – Investopedia.



Scientocracy is the practice of basing public policies on science. All well and good if we consider that science means ‘to know’ and politicians base decisions on real science. The issue arises with lobbied science, where profit is the sole value of the enterprise. We see this today with big pharma – check out where I showed 4 times the medical industry got it wrong.

Of course, it can also be dangerous if the people in power wish to take society in a particular direction. It is straightforward to use ‘science’ as the new priest class, getting people to bow to the white coat’s feet as an all-knowing guru – the reality is very different. Check out my writing about why science is unscientific.

We see a form of scientocracy today with questionable science being used to determine the level of freedom we have during the so-called pandemic.


The Real Problem

No form of government can make the world ‘a better place’. The only way to do this is through each evolving themselves spiritually – that’s it.

We can keep creating technological advances, scientific breakthroughs, print more money than we know what to do with – but one thing always stands true – peace cannot reign until people reign over themselves (sovereignty).

The continual movement towards this Utopian ideal, by the WEF, for example, cannot work. I think it is a nefarious plan, with technocrats being at the forefront of the movement. Yet dreams are sold and people will believe into the lie when they are psychologically and spiritually weak. 


Spiritual Bankruptcy

Based on the level of consciousness we are at right now, there are people in high places who plan to keep the populace in a state of spiritual bankruptcy.

How do they do that?

Separate people

Invert falsity as truth

Keep people unhealthy

False causes that seem good – BLM etc.

Technological dependency

Reject spiritual identity

Sacrifice tradition


All of the above happens because people are already spiritually weak. Spiritually alive people reject falsity in all of its forms. They have healthy scepticism regardless of position and qualifications. This is why technocracies and scientocracies can only stand for so long – they take human nature out of the equation.