Episode Twelve: Ellis Stewart – Scaling Everest · Overcoming Adversity · Physical and Mental Strength


Ellis is not a professional mountaineer who routinely visits the Himalayas to climb. He was a pretty unlikely fellow from a non traditional climbing background who just simply harboured a big dream to reach the roof of our planet. Little did he realise what would happen in the attempts at achieving this goal.

During the first attempt in 2014, after 19 days of trekking, an avalanche claimed the lives of sixteen Sherpa guides above Ellis directly on the mountain and put an end to the climbing. In 2015, he was once again caught up in tragedy when the Nepal Earthquake struck and narrowly survived a devastating avalanche on Everest. Over 35 people died on Everest in the two years Ellis made his attempts, including 3 members of his own support team on April 25th 2015.

It took 20 years for Ellis to finally have an attempt on Everest after rigorously pursuing this goal with complete focus and determination.