Do You Have Clarity?

do you have clarity


c.1300, Middle English: clarte/claritee “brightness”;

from Old French: clarté  “clarity, brightness”;

from Latin: claritas “clear, -ity, brightness, splendor”


Ask 1000 men what they truly value.

Ask 1000 men their driving purpose.


They’re asleep.


Man is a fallen god. He wilfully transverses the barren landscape of mediocrity.

He forbids himself to play full out, for the fear of rejection.

Lost all myth, lost all that’s sacred.

Shallow, fragile, and debilitated.

This isn’t just him, it’s also his world. It’s his version of reality.


It begs the questions, how and why has man lost his sense clear seeing?

Unanswerable in Truth, but it leads to deep exploration.


Become clear.

See clearly.

What is it you want? What is it that is written in the coding of your DNA?

Even asking the question means one is out of tune. If a man lives naturally, there is no question here.

This is why questions must be sincere, they reveal the splinters of the psyche. That which one values the most is that which he feels is missing. That which one questions the most is what he most values.

Deep questions such as this are never answered, they burn away in their own flame.


When one sees clearly, decisions make themselves. They are self-evident.

Life is lived of its own accord, not because something should or shouldn’t be done.

There is no mental stop gap. No ‘figuring it out’. The movement between seeing and action is fluid, it’s a timeless unfoldment which is ineffable to the mind. Why would the mind wish to answer something which would render itself obsolete?

There is no struggling between what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ here. With this experience, a personal duality collapses and is swallowed into itself. Societies morals and dogmas are of no use, it is time to see life as it is; to the pits with culture.


The authentic and natural man laughs at societies corruption. He sees it for what it is – a comical theatre.

Waste time looking into the abyss of society and the mind is stained with the ordinary. There is no magic there, only sameness.

Should one truly desire to live a natural life, that is, one with the intent of expressing natures highest potential, he must destroy all that culture has put inside of him. He must begin to see again.

This is no easy process, and isn’t to be taken lightly. If a man walks this path he will face ridicule from those who have known his past self – the self that has began to involve and evolve.

He must have clarity.


With clarity, a man becomes obsessed.

With clarity, a man becomes relentless.

With clarity, a man is content.