Discussing The Carnivore Diet and Spirituality with Phil Escott

Discussing The Carnivore Diet and Spirituality with Phil Escott

Phil Escott is very wise in various aspects of life, currently living in Skelmersdale in the UK.

Having been heavy into his spirituality in the early part of his life, Phil got into Transcendental Meditation in the early ’80s. This helped him overcome his fear and suffering, having taken larges amounts of hallucinogenics without a framework of how to handle the effects.

He has had many different realisations and challenges over the course of his life, one of them being crippling arthritis and other ailments, which he now overcome through his carnivorous diet and primal lifestyle. He has since written a book titled – “Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” (Link Below) which recontextualises illness as a blessing, not a curse.

He is also a family man and enjoys drumming in a local band. Phil’s new project is ‘The Human Unleashed’ which is bringing together the knowledge of 4 individuals together for the betterment of us all.






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