Death To Victimhood


Victimhood could be the biggest obstacle to human happiness. Operating at this level of consciousness determines the world as intrinsically malignant. Everything is against you, and there is nothing that can be done to change that. 


Addiction To Victimhood

Being a chronic victim is addictive because of the juice it gives to the ego. If you don’t think you can be a high functioning Human Being, then the ego can make itself ‘worse’ than everybody else – it wins by being the worst. This is the basis of victim mentality. 

The ego would rather win at something and compete, rather than be lost in an ocean of nothingness.

If you dig a little deeper, victimhood is incredibly selfish – it is all about ‘me, me, me’ and you’re not creating anything of value in the world.

The pay off for being ‘worse off than everyone else’, is an excuse not to live a better life.

It is much easier to fall to the lower depths of human existence, than surrender these states and ascend the levels of consciousness. 


Overcoming Victimhood

The only way to overcome victimhood is the understanding that life is intrinsically loving (meaning it is benign and all-forgiving) – you come to this awareness at higher levels of consciousness. 

The undeveloped ego craves attention, wishing itself to be the centre of the Universe. If you can grasp this reality and keep it at the forefront of your awareness, you can unshackle its hold. There will be no need for the juicy pay off that it gets from trying to be the worst (to be the best).

Start with silent meditation in the morning and move to contemplation at the end of the day. Begin separating yourself from the noise in your head, which is a barrier to your spiritual sovereignty. 


‘It’s Easy For You To Say’

“We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.” ― Marcel Proust.

I hear this a lot when I consult with people at a specific point on their path. If they like to blame and be a victim, I’ll snap them out of it – sometimes their ego will put a barrier up and say something like ‘it’s easy for you to say’.

They say that because they do not realise that suffering is a beautiful part of Life. We are conditioned to think we shouldn’t suffer; that Life should be easy and comfortable. Where did that come from?

Human existence is suffering until we attain a level of consciousness where suffering is surrendered to God. At this point, suffering becomes blissful. 

So when you realise suffering is beautiful – it is effortless to say. You have to shift context.