Crowd Psychology – Breaking Free From The Herd

crowd psychology

Crowd Psychology – Breaking Free From The Herd

What is crowd psychology and how can we overcome it?

One of the overriding barriers to self-realisation is the crowd. What is it? How is it structured and how can we transcend it?


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I’m going to talk a little bit about crowd psychology, and following the herd. Numerous books and texts have been written on following the crowd, Gustave Le Bon was a good one about 100 years ago. Because it is a psyche, it is an energetic pattern that is easy to consume you.


00:47 – The Lure of the Crowd

As an individual loses their individuality, they often need something to hold on to for a sense of identity. And if the herd, particularly if it’s perceived to be virtuous… the weak individual will attach itself to the crowd, for fear of standing out. And this is one of the things that people I don’t think realise is that very often it’s not out of fear, but out of the fear of their greatness. So not a fear of being average. But fear of being great.

And society is set up that way. You know, not by some elitist group, which there’s an argument for that, but more to do with the collective conscious and the collective unconscious. If you fear the gold that’s within you, then you need to attach yourself to an average group to keep yourself down, like the crabs in a bucket. If a crab tries to get out of the bucket, the other Crabs try and keep it held down. So that’s one thing we need to be careful of.


02:15 – Hyper Feminised Society

The other thing is, we’re living in a hyper feminised society. I’m in Turkey here where it’s more masculine, to be honest, but in the West, it’s very feminine. And I think that stems from a lack of psychological development; inner development because we’re scared, we’re scared to go into our own psyche. So therefore, we need mother figures to look after us. We don’t leave our archetype for mother. It doesn’t mean the blood and flesh Mother, you know, you can move out and whatever, but I’m talking about the archetypes.

There is 5 or 6 different female archetypes in men, that if you don’t know what they are, and you don’t overcome them… not overcome them but build a relationship with them, then femininity can consume you. And that’s what we’ve got, particularly in the West, you know, men who are fearful of everything. They’re relying on government, as mother figures to take care of them. So that’s something else you need to be careful of the hyper feminised society, particularly in the West.


03:29 – Low Consciousness

There has been a few, as I said, a few books and texts written on it; on the crowd psychology. And usually the consciousness level of the crowd is forced to its lowest, average.. it’s lowest person. And as you can see all across the world moment, we’ve got mass fear, mass panic being caused by people who have absolutely no interest in your well being whatsoever. Has anybody told you; has any government told you to eat well? To go out and fresh air and fill your lungs with the cleanest, purest a you can get in the mountains?

Or are they telling you to mask up… to the left all the fast food restaurants open? They’ll give you tokens, particularly in the UK, don’t know about anywhere else. But they’ll give you tokens to eat out in these fast food restaurants. If they had any idea about human health, they wouldn’t be doing that would they?.. they’d be telling you to eat organic foods, stop smoking, stop drinking. But the crowd, they don’t think for themselves because they’ve never needed to think for themselves because we live in a cushy society where everything’s took care for us. And that is a manifestation of the crowd.


05:01 – Psychological Age

We’re so psychologically weak that we’re not individuated as Carl Jung would would say. We have no relationship with our inner psyche. One of my mentors Michael Tsarion  calls it the anti psychological age. And I agree with that 100%. You’ve got Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Otto rank Wilhelm Reich.

People like this, who tested, worked with countless clients, for the mind to start figuring out the mind again, because we seem to have lost that over thousands of years particularly to monotheistic, Abrahamic religion, where the mother figure returning you to the church. The way to God was through the church, not thorugh own development, your own enlightenment.


06:09 – Individuation and Collective Insanity

So if you want to individuate, you want to become an individual. So that you can go out into the world into the collective and raise consciousness or serve the world the best you know how to and give your gift. The only way to do that is to break free of the collective madness.And the collective has always been insane. Always been insane. It’s never not been insane. So if you’re following the herd, and that goes both ways. Well say both ways, numerous ways, an infinite number of ways.

You got people, if you use this COVID-19 pandemic now, you’ve got people following what the government tells them anyone with two brain cells left know the government have absolutely no idea what’s going on. They’re just making stuff up. It changes daily… weekly. Wear a mask one day, don’t wear them the next absolutely ludicrous I think they said in March and April that massive ineffective, they now tell us in September that they are as if there’s some new science come to light. It’s absolutely rubbish. So that’s one.


07:15 – Conspiracies

The other side is like the conspiracy people who say that everything’s a conspiracy. That’s just another collective madness, and the mind trying to grasp onto something because it doesn’t know what’s going on so just create stupid conspiracies. I’m sure there’s some conspiracies out there, well I know there are that are true, but as a rule of thumb, most of them are garbage. Just another form of collective madness.


07:45 – Summary

If you want to get other collective madness, the answer is your individuation process, which is going into your own psychology, reading books… maybe work of Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, as I mentioned earlier, Otto Rank people like that, who spent their whole lives trying to figure out their own psychology and the psychology of other people, and how we become divine individuals in our own right.


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