I primarily work with individuals to attune with higher levels of consciousness. This is a transformative psychological and spiritual process.

I’ve undertaken countless hours of study to understand the mechanics of the mind, and dedicated my life to spiritual advancement. Through the recommendation of others, I decided to offer coaching as a service.


I don’t do prolonged programs.

People get hooked on coaching, therapy, and the personal development industry. They become reliant on that fix and don’t do the work required to liberate themself. With one-off consultancy work, there is no program and no dopamine hit to get addicted to.

The sessions are generally centred around spiritual/consciousness/psychological development (although not imperative) because all Human development occurs here – the rest is just detail and takes care of itself. There is the option to block book, but no more than 3 sessions at a time.

We’ll have a quick 15 minutes session before any consultancy work to make sure we are the right fit.

If you want a private consultancy session, send me an email to or fill in the form below. Share as much detail as you can in the email that will help in the session.



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