Becoming An Individual And Your True Self

becoming an individual

Becoming An Individual And Your True Self

Why do so many of us have not know ourselves and why do we show up in the world differently to how we perceive ourselves to be?

Know Thyself – Delphi Maxim

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00:16 – Intro

The cult of society is a collective ideology, a collective consciousness, you guys who are looking to become successful and a better version of yourself, however you define that, will inevitably resist that level of collective consciousness. And how it manifests itself in the objective world.

00:36 – Study

I asked the question on social media to find that 87% of people do not present their real selves to the world. I asked if you know, who you perceive yourself to be and how you show up in the world, is there a difference? and 87% of people said, yes, there was a difference. I understand this was hardier Harvard study with results weren’t surprising.

01:19 – Your Dreams

It’s our personal dreams and aspirations. If I were to ask you what your dream is, would you be able to answer it? Your big picture dream? Most people can’t answer and that’s because you lack self clarity. And there’s a distinct lack of individualism. Without knowing your dream, how can someone give reality and authentic sense of meaning?How can you give meaning to something if you don’t know who you are?

01:51 – Shedding Ideals

So we have to shed all of society’s ideals, our parents ideals, our peer groups ideals, the whole world’s ideals need to be let go off in order to become yourself. You can pick these things back up later on, if you like, but to individuate to realise who you are, you need to drop these things and pick up your own personal myth.

02:13 – Unconscious Patterns

You don’t even realise that a lot of these patterns exist. The complexes that you’re not aware of in your psyche are probably running your life. Carl Jung said that ‘until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’ Acceptance of this is quite an important step. Accepting that you’ve been led by your unconscious mind all your life up until this point, if it’s true, is a very liberating thing. We need to acknowledge the truth that you are not being yourself because there are hidden aspects of your psyche that are running the show.

02:50 – Jordan Peterson

And this very often plays out in the world as pathologies and projections. So Jordan Peterson is a great example of this projection onto others, he sort of got huge, five or six years ago now when he a video of him went across the internet. And it sort of created a group called the intellectual dark web. He’s become like a father figure for a lot of people, particularly young men.

The idea that, you know, Jordan Peterson, the idea of him is now a pathology. Predominantly men, are projecting their own inner gold onto him. He’s a great guy, and I’m not dismissing him at all, I’ve got a lot of wisdom from him. But there’s like a cult like following, which stems from an individual and collective neurosis, a severe lack of individualism, so people are projecting themselves onto him.

03:47 – Inner development

So once you’ve done enough inner psychological work on yourself, self projection, it sort of fades away. You can respect the people, but you don’t project your inner potential onto them.We pedestal these people without knowing their stories, I’ve done it for years and still catch myself doing it at times as well. So and I’m nowhere near past all this, but people who I think I’d like to be like, not realising that the greatness I’m seeing in them is the potential waiting to be expressed within me.

04:26 – Anima

And in men, that is what Carl Jung called the Anima, a feminine archetype within us all. It’s focusing our energy on these external realities in order to individuate ourselves and bring out our own potential. Without a sense of individuality a large part of our psyche, as I’ve just said that Carl Jung called the anima the men and the animus in women will put their energy into external things to try and fulfil our own potential. Our true self hood.

And this is what a lot of your frustrations are in life, the lack of fulfilled potential, you fulfil potential when you become you, not when you do what any one or anything else expects of you. That can become a pathology, which is what’s happened to Jordan Peterson.

05:20 – My Life

So I see in my own life, how my paths lead to pain, suffering, and conversely happiness and meaning and fulfilment. I’m also very open to being completely wrong about everything I’ve said in the past and everything I’m going to say. Now and in the future, and experience times of despair. You know, as you go through life, you have to be open to this.

05:46 – Fragility

When I was a sportsman, getting released from my contract as a footballer was the start of my own personal development journey. He was the first time that my maturing ego had really been torn apart and tested for each fragility. Within months, I’d gone on investment courses and learned how to acquire real estate. This led me to seeking mentors, coaches, and guides and devouring as much information as I could in a wide range of topics. That the world that are new and completely been obliterated, and a whole new reality that opened up to me like a phoenix from the you know, Phoenix in the flames.

06:23 – Searching For Meaning

But searching for answers of your own selfhood by searching for knowledge and information, that’s what I did. It’s given me extraordinary spiritual experiences and exponential growth. And now it’s my own personal myth. That is my personal myth, and that is what has brought me meaning and fulfilment.

06:43 – Personal Myth

We all need to uncover this personal myth. It’s where our healing resides. If you truly want to become yourself your authentic self, then discovering your own myth will reveal it to you. Nothing out there will solve it. There’s no gurus, no YouTube videos, just your own personal myth and the becoming of an individual in a world of collective madness.


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