‘Awakening’ Is A Physiological Process

physiological process

“Nature is not interested in creating a perfect being, it is interested in creating the perfect species” – UG Krishnamurti


Most would consider the awakening process as a spiritual, or at least a psychological process. Something ‘spiritual’ is understood to take place, and how one perceives the world drastically changes. There would seem to be levels to this awakening or ‘evolutionary’ linear process, but I’d suggest these are illusory to the linear mind. There is an awakened individual and those asleep. You may find some who have become a little more lucid than others, but they’re still asleep with more pieces of the never-ending jigsaw.



The study of psychology comes with baggage. Some people hold Freud, Jung, Adler and the like with the utmost reverence. Others consider them vastly misguided and, at worst, outright frauds. Although predominantly the study of his own life, Jung’s work is perhaps most well-known for the ‘individuation’ process and the ‘Self’ archetype. (It’s not my intention to diminish Jung’s work by limiting it to these two ideas – Jung’s work helped me during difficult times trying to make sense of the world and myself.) Concerning ‘awakening’, however, psychology plays no role. There are no psychological exercises, therapies, coaching, concepts, ideas, perceptions etc., that lead to ‘liberation’. ‘Liberation’ happens despite these things.



The same can be said for spirituality.

I have spent over a decade doing all sorts of spiritual practises, seeking the deepest, most esoteric ideas that our species has to offer. The seeking is a block to that which is sought. ‘Awakening’ as it is commonly understood cannot happen in a ‘seeking environment’. Of course, you want want to here this because it means there is nowhere to get, and that doesn’t sit well with the ‘me’ construct.

‘Awakening’, which is to say, to wake up from the dreamstate, is a spontaneous happening. There is no spiritual work that needs to be done. If life happens that way and strikes the individual, there will be ‘liberation’ – if not, life continues. There is no will by the individual that can make this happen. One can think they’re wishing it as much as they want. It’s merely the egoic mind using spirituality for its own selfishness. (That includes the love and light brigade nonsense)

Spirituality therefore has no bearing on awakening. It’s a nice study which often leads to many altered states of consciousness. That doesn’t equate to awakening.



The Human body is the highest manifestation of natural intelligence. What could be considered higher?

The awakening process must be physiological. It is impersonal, entirely natural, and therefore it has absolutely nothing to do with the individual. Nothing that the individual is perceived to do or become has anything to do with it. It is a purely physiological and spontaneous event. There is no psychological or spiritual enlightenment. How can there be when the sense of ‘me’ ‘collapses’? The psyche is realised as a product of natural intelligence rather than being authored by an individual.

Life flowing through every cell of the body naturally and without obstruction is ‘enlightenment’.