Aloneness and Loneliness


Being aloneness is not the same as loneliness.

There comes the point where there is a recognition of complete aloneness. Where the is absolute non-existence other than awareness, which can only be proven to self via the senses, do not mistake this for solipsism, which is filled with ideological flaws.

Being lonely is a state of neediness, needing the juice from external objects to satisfy one’s perceived emptiness. The separation one feels as ‘me’ inevitably creates a sense of ‘not whole’, and a fruitless drive towards wholeness follows. This is a seemingly natural process of the human condition and the cause of much suffering to the separate sense of self.

One and nothing other than One. You are That. This realisation comes with the recognition that One is completely alone, and with that comes a peace that is not comprehendible to the mind.

Loneliness is partial
Aloneness is full