5 Books to Holistic Health Mastery

Holistic Health

“The magic of the mechanisms inside each genetic structure, saying exactly where that nerve cell should go – the complexity of these mathematical models is beyond human comprehension.” – Alexander Tsiaras

The Human body is a complex web of biochemical reactions; an intelligent organic machine that materialist science will never be able to fully comprehend.

I began studying the anatomy of the Human body since the age of 16. Over the last 12 years, I have used my body as an experiment with numerous different ways of eating and living. Holistic health and wellbeing should be the foundation of knowledge. Without good health, very little can be achieved, and so this was the building blocks into philosophy, mysticism and spirituality. 

Leaning on some sagacious minds, I have narrowed it down to these five books for your holistic health. I would say that the list doesn’t mean they are ‘the best’; it means they were hugely beneficial for me at the time of reading them. See my most impactful reading list books for other titles on the subject.


1.Rational Fasting – Arnold Ehret

When I was studying detoxification; Professor Arnold Ehret’s books were of the highest value. Rational fasting explains how to complete a fast and living a fasting based lifestyle to attain maximum vitality. I do not agree with a lot of his work nowadays, but people can take a lot of knowledge which will always hold true. 

2.The Last 4 Doctors You Will Ever Need – Paul Chek

Paul Chek is a genius; I recommend his magnum opus in my impactful list. The Last 4 Doctors are Dr Quiet, Dr Diet, Dr Happiness, and Dr Movement. He teaches you how to get in tune with your own internal panel of doctors. Due to it being a multi-media book, there are videos with Paul giving illustrations.

3. We Want To Live – Aajonus Vonderplanitz

I only came across the work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz quite recently. Having done a lot of detoxification work, I needed to rebuild the body. When I began looking for alternative health advocates, I found Aajonus. He had cancer as a young man and was told he was going to die at 21. Fortunately, he took his health into his own hands and shares his wisdom in this book.

4. Biochemical Individuality – Dr Roger J. Williams

This is an essential book, and years ahead of its time. We all have greatly differing needs, and Dr Williams documents all of this convincingly. This is a little deeper than the other books, and you’ll need an uncommon interest in anatomy and biochemical science to grasp some of it.

5. The Circadian Code: Lose weight, supercharge your energy and sleep well every night – Dr Satchin Panda

A circadian rhythm is a natural, internal daily clock that regulates our sleep-wake cycles. It is primarily affected by the natural light and dark periods of our environment. The book explains lifestyle changes we can make to get back into our natural rhythms. It explores methods of preventing and curing diabetes, cancer and dementia, to name a few.