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My intention here is to demystify and simplify authentic spiritual awakening.

I bring together various modalities and experience from western and eastern spiritual traditions to assist people through the awakening and self-realisation process.

People who land on this page will usually have an unwavering desire for Truth, becoming more evident with maturity. Alternatively, there will have been a spontaneous shift in perspective and self-identity. As an individual, this energy will influence the majority of waking life.

This process is the apparent unfoldment of nature. It does not require teaching or ‘coaching’ per se, but guidance is helpful in that unfoldment.

Much of this work is focused on the destruction of beliefs and programming, which can be very uncomfortable mentally and somatically. It’s also helpful to understand the mind’s complexity and mechanics, which will be discussed as needed.

Suppressed and repressed emotions are often stored in the body as ‘trapped’ energy. We may need to walk through these with specific techniques, which can be uncomfortable. Traumatic experiences often surface naturally with purification. When awareness is shone onto these parts, physiological reactions can occur.

There are seeming levels to Realisation, from the initial awakening to total enlightenment (please do not get lost in words and ideologies here). I can only guide you to the level I have reached myself. The context of people’s lives differs, meaning a relative awakening may appear very differently to each of us.

The path one walks may change drastically as a consequence of this work.

Please email for suitable times.

Although this is donation based, the suggested contribution is £50 for one hour.


*This work is not a replacement for qualified therapy or other professional services.*

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