Unslaved – A Fountain of Knowledge


In 10 years of research and self discovery, one of my biggest influences is Michael Tsarion and his Unslaved website.

He and David Whitehead set up Unslaved to bring all of their work together and away from censorship of the major social networking platforms. 

The depth of research and knowledge that is shared is priceless. You can subscribe to the website for premium content at $12 per month giving you access to courses and hours upon hours of wisdom. Often it is more expensive when you don’t invest in yourself.

If you wish to expand your mind to deep subjects and philosophies, I think Unslaved is one of the best on the internet. Project Sovereign is about becoming sovereign in thinking and being, Unslaved aligns with that.


Check out my conversation with David Whitehead, one half of Unslaved.

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