The Inner Zodiac by Michael Tsarion

Michael Tsarion has played an important role in my psycho-spiritual development and in my opinion, ‘The Inner Zodiac’ article is his best.

Having been a student of the Divination arts for a number of years, ‘The Inner Zodiac’ gives valuable context to the ancient traditions that have been lost through this age of materialism. He talks about how The Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and Kabbalah are all interconnected and sister disciplines and should be integrated into an holistic system.

He also deciphers the origins of the Zodiac and shows these disciplines as a map of Human consciousness. If you wish to walk your Siddhartha Road, these practises can be essential to your development.

If you dismiss these arts out of hand, please do not read the article; it will do you and the work no favours.


inner zodiac


Read The Inner Zodiac Article Here


Check out the YouTube video below which will give you a brief insight into how he thinks and his philosophy in life.

Michael Tsarion – Awakening


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