Predictions – 22/1/21


3 Predictions – 22/1/21

This won’t be a long post. I will share a few predictions I think will happen in the near future.

  1. The western war machine will begin raging again in the middle east within two years.
  2. The issue with race in the western world will get even more divisive with the US’s current administration.
  3. The decay of western civilisation will accelerate.


  1. The media are already reporting that there have been suicide bombings in Baghdad and ‘IS have taken responsibility’. This only a few days after the US pulled troops out of Iraq before the end of Trump’s presidency. Perfect timing for the new administration to ramp up project fear and provide ‘the solution’. I think there will be troops back in Iraq and other troubled nations within a year or two. Tragic.
  2. The ones who are obsessed with racism are generally racists. The ones who shout the loudest are usually the most ignorant. Go on social media, and you’ll notice the ones who scream ‘racist’ the loudest are the ones who are most divisive. ‘Woke’ politics – pandering to the crowd is not going to help this. Joe Biden has already made a speech where he unnecessarily mentioned helping all minority groups. It sounds great in theory, but the reality is that they are playing identity politics, and it will end up in the further division.
  3. The west has been in a state of degeneracy for a long time. We hide from the deeper aspects of life behind pleasure, causing decay in the mind of individuals and society. Is this purposeful by a hidden hand? Possibly. I would suggest it is irrelevant anyway – the reason they can sell it to you because there is a significant demand for it. This isn’t going to end anytime soon. I think it will get a lot worse.


While I’m having a rant here, put in into google and see where it links.




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