Happy New Year! 🙏

happy new year

As we close out 2020 and bring in 2021, I’d like to send my appreciation to everyone who has supported this website and related content. I started this year buying and selling Real Estate, as I have done for years. Not for a second would I have believed I’d have put out a considerable amount of content and built this platform to share my work. Thank you 🙏

Most would say we’ve had a bit of turbulence this year. With collective and individual turbulence comes the opportunity for growth and consciousness evolution. We’ve never had such a fantastic opportunity to introspect and become conscious. It may be painful at times, but that is how we heal. With this change of context, this is the best of times – not the worst.

I pray for us to become more Loving and Truthful (in their actual meanings) in all aspects of Life.


2020 Influences and Books

I thought it would be worthwhile in sharing the people who have made a profound impact in my evolution over the last 12 months. They are linked through to various videos and websites if you’re interested.

Also shared is the list of books I have read this year.


Living People Who Influenced Me Profoundly In 2020 (no particular order) :


Charles Eisenstein

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Michael Tsarion

Orland Bishop

Paul Chek



Books Read in 2020 (that I can remember of the top of my head – only started taking and sharing worthy notes in October 2020)

The Secret Language Of Your Body – Inna Segal

The Subtle Body – Cyndi Dale

Mastery – Robert Greene

Power – Robert Greene

Freedom From The Known – Krishnamurti

The Voice Of Silence – Helena Blavatsky

The Book of Rumi

Light of the Sanctuary: The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson

He – Robert A Johnson

Inner Gold – Robert A Johnson

Living Your Unlived Life – Robert A Johnson

Anti-Fragile – Nassim Taleb

On Writing Well – William Zinsser

The Call to the Heights: Guidance on the Pathway to Self-illumination – Geoffrey Hodson

Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

The King Within – Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette

The Yoga Of Eating – Charles Eisenstein

Spiral Dynamics – Don Beck and Chris Cohen


I wish I’d started taking notes and compiling knowledge 10 years ago. Live and learn.


In closing

Be careful of manipulation by people and organisations with influence on the collective consciousness. There are actions in the world by these people with nefarious ends as we enter a new Kosmic age.

Stay centred, grounded and unshakeable in the face of adversity. Have a good one.


Gloria In Excelsis Deo 🙏


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